9 Plants for Shady Spots

There are, perhaps surprisingly, a good number of perennials that grow well in shady conditions. Here are 9 plants for shady spots which you can pick and start growing today.

For a dry, shady spot such as near a hedge or under the canopy of a large, evergreen tree, Alchemilla Mollis with delicate sprays of lime-green flowers in summer, Iris foetidissima – evergreen, sword-shaped leaves and showy bright red seeds in pods throughout the winter, and Symphytum (Comfrey) will all thrive.

With more moisture, the range increases. Here is a small selection for plants to grow in shady areas:

Plants to grow in shady spots

Plants for shady spots

Bergenia with large evergreen leaves and spikes of flowers – either pink or white – in spring and then often repeated later in the year. The variety ‘Silberlicht’ is particularly good, the white flowers shine in a dark corner.

Epimediums make an excellent ground cover; the heart-shaped leaves, tinted bronze when young, suppress weeds well.

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Geranium maccrorhizum with hairy aromatic leaves and, depending on variety, flower color white to magenta, spread neatly and is ideal for a cottage garden style planting.

Hostas, with their attractive foliage, are best suited to pot culture, away from slugs and snails. They look magnificent in a shady spot on the patio.

Primulas are a large family, and many of them grow well in some shade; two examples – Primula florindae, the Giant Cowslip, with large yellow bell-shaped flowers thrives in full shade, Primula ‘Garryade Guinivere’ with maroon colored leaves and complimentary lilac flowers likes partial shade.

Pulmonaria gives welcome color in the early spring, and their silvery, spotty leaves continue to show interest. If the leaves begin to look a bit tired, they may be cut back to give a second fresh flush in summer.

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