Baking Soda Around The Tomatoes + Two Days + Amazing Results


Tomato Is A Niminy-Piminy Vegetable To Make Us Easily Fail

We are getting more and more committed to our small vegetable or fruit garden investment or planting beautiful flowers, expecting rich harvests at the final point, as the weather gets warmer day by day.

However, with some of the diversities, these great expectations might fail, particularly with tomatoes. So, to prevent this fail, there are some steps you can follow, which we compiled here.


Plant tomatoes horizontally on the ground!

Tomatoes grow vertically, but a really good trick is to grow them horizontally. Why? This helps the plant to develop much stronger and broader root system.

Sprinkle baking soda on the ground

Baking soda is kind of a secret weapon to ensure that tomatoes grow well! When the plant has grown about 2.5 cm, sprinkle 4 teaspoons around the plants, but be careful not to sprinkle on the plant. The process can be repeated for some time before the harvest. Baking soda will help in reducing the acidity of the soil and the tomatoes will be tastier.

How to get rid of the birds that are eating your tomatoes?

Even the birds in our gardens know how tasty the tomatoes are. To prevent them from eating tomatoes leave a bowl of water next to the plant itself.

Plant overripe tomato again

Another great idea is to plant the overripe tomato.

Cut the tomatoes into slices and put them in soil in a pot. Then add soil on top. It will take sporadically about 1-2 weeks to grow back, and then you can transplant the new plants.


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