Besan Chilla, Tasty Easy & Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe


Besan Chilla is a very popular Indian snack almost all around the world. It has achieved to become one of my favorite healthy vegetarian breakfast recipes after I watched this video and tried it, which is both very easy to make and so delicious. As vegetarians, we might sometimes get in trouble with finding quick and delicious food for breakfast when we are in a rush or a tasty evening snack when we invited some of our vegetarian buddies.

What Is Besan Chilla?

This Besan Chilla recipe can be prepared in minutes effortlessly. Load it with organic vegetables from your garden and you’ve made yourself a healthy and easy snack! Variously called Besan  Chila as ‘Cheela’ and ‘Childa’ and this name is how I prefer to pronounce. But who cares… after all this yummy savory pancake is an excellent snack food by any name.

Check out the video to learn how to make this delicious snack and share if you like to inform your vegetarian friends, too!