Best Crops To Grow In Your Hydroponic Garden


Here Is Our Top 10 Crops To Grow In Your Hydroponic Garden

You can have almost anything in your hydroponic garden because one of the great advantages of hydroponics is the wide variety of crops that you can grow. In many ways the choice is endless but you do need to take into consideration the constraints imposed on you by the size of your unit and the space that it is in.

If you are a large producer in a greenhouse set up you will probably want to concentrate on a small range of crops that sell easily and if you are a home grower working in an apartment then perhaps it is best to focus on just the crops that you buy most of.


organicgardeningeekFor the small producer, a good place to start is always with lettuce as it is a salad crop that is eaten by ninety percent of westerners on a daily basis. It is also a crop that takes up little space and really tastes letter freshly picked. In addition, you can also harvest enough leaves for a salad whilst leaving the plant to continue growing.


organicgardeningeekThe second most popular crop is tomatoes. If there is one crop that tastes better than all others when picked and eaten immediately then it has to be the tomato. There are
hundreds of varieties so choose one that you think you will enjoy and that takes up not too much space. If possible grow two plants of different varieties that will produce at
different times so that you can harvest for a longer period. If you are combining your hydroponics with grow lights and growing indoors then it is possible to have tomatoes
virtually all year round.


organicgardeningeekCucumbers are another plant that can be very rewarding. In an indoor environment go for a dwarf variety and have a frame up which they can climb.


organicgardeningeekPeppers are not only easy to grow they also make surprisingly attractive plants especially if they are the brightly colored varieties. Another crop we use on a regular basis in our homes so an instant saving there.


organicgardeningeekSpinach is one of the most popular leaf vegetables and is very high in vitamins and iron. These days there are many varieties ranging from those with small rounded leaves through to the more traditional longer leaved ones. All of them can have some leaves harvested whilst leaving the parent plant to continue growing and reproducing new leaves.


organicgardeningeekFor fruit, strawberries are one of the best fruit for the hydroponic producer in both the private and commercial environments. With the vastly extended growing season, you will have, the potential for good economic returns are high.


organicgardeningeekBlueberries are going through a major popularity boom at the moment because of their high levels of antioxidants which have proven health benefits. They like an acid soil when growing in the ground and as it is so easy to control acidity in a hydroponic production unit this makes them solid candidates for both home and commercial production.


organicgardeningeekHerbs can be surprisingly expensive when you actually work out what quantities you get when you buy them in a supermarket. Growing your own makes sense and even if you are only intending to grow enough for you and your family it is possible that you may find that you are producing more than you can eat. If you ask around it is highly likely that you will find ready buyers amongst your family and neighbors.


organicgardeningeekBasil is used in a number of recipes as an addition to salads. It is also high in antioxidants. A very easy to grow herb, it costs a small fortune in supermarkets when you look at the price per kilogram.


organicgardeningeekThe other really easy to grow herb is coriander. With its many health benefits and multiple culinary uses, this is a versatile crop that you can be harvesting within four weeks and which can easily provide two and sometimes three crops per year.

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