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8 Best Roses For Containers

Don’t you think you have room to grow roses? Think again, small-space gardeners can definitely have roses too! Simply grow them in containers on your patio or deck. Here are the best roses for containers. You can grow them anywhere in your house.

It’s an excellent option for those who garden on balconies, folks living in condos or townhomes, or other limited space situations. Growing roses in containers are also easier for people with limited mobility and senior citizens.

“Happy Chappy” Groundcover Rose -best roses for containers - 8 Best Roses For Containers
“Happy Chappy” Groundcover Rose

Even if you have a large yard with plenty of room, containers of roses make lovely patio plants and bring the garden (and fragrance) closer to the house. They add color and beauty to any sunny spot.

Almost any rose can be raised as a container plant, but I suggest choosing smaller shrub roses or using miniature roses for the best results.

Here are some of my favorite miniature roses for container planting:

8 Best Roses For Containers

(they look great planted separately or mixed with other flowers, AND don’t you just love the names of the minis!)

  • Cupcake (light pink mini rose)
  • Daddy’s Little Girl (raspberry pink & cream)
  • Gingerbread Man (apricot-amber blooms)
  • Gizmo (orangey scarlet)
  • Happy Chappy (apricot, orange, pink combo)
  • Ruby Ruby (you guessed it – ruby red! ; )
  • Teeny Bopper (scarlet and white)
  • Winsome (lavender-purple-magenta)

Notes: I recommend that you put wheeled pot trolleys under your containers – so much easier to move them around. Make sure the pots you use have good drainage because roses don’t like wet feet.

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