(Video) Best Way to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds | Fast & Easy Tomato


You want to know the best way to grow your own tomatoes while it’s still the season but you definitely want it to be cost-effective. Alright, we can do it easily. Here are the simple steps.

Growing This Sensitive Vegetable Isn’t A Painful Process At All

  • Find a few containers or as many as you wish, or
  • Find a flower pot along with some topsoil
  • And some rotten tomatoes from the fridge.
  • Slice the tomatoes and place them one near another in rows.
  • Then cover the tomato slices with some garden soil.
  • You will have tomato seedlings sprouting in days!!
  • A great way to plant tomato and grow tomatoes in pots or growing tomatoes indoors to start the spring off right before the cold breaks and you can actually get outdoors and do some vegetable gardening.
  • You actually have all the tomato seeds you need for next year.
  • Growing tomatoes from seeds of the ones you bought at the grocery store. Great way to save money too.

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Step by step grow tomatoes from seeds

Watch this clear explanation of growing tomatoes from seed step by step and share it if you like the video.

That is another explanation on growing tomatoes in the pot. I think both of them give great idea and teach tomato-growing process.

You can also download this PDF explanation to grow tomatoes from seeds for further information

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