Can Organic Gardening Restore Your Health?

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Organic gardening is the natural way of growing nutrient-dense vegetables and herbs. These have been proven throughout history to be effective remedies for restoring health.

Yes! You can help rebuild your immune system and experience vibrant energy, and the best part is that you can do it yourself right at home.

Whether you are fighting to get back to normal after a cardiac issue or boost your immune system as you battle cancer, this is the information you need.

After your first taste of a fresh heirloom tomato that you have grown yourself, you will never be the same again!

Organic Gardening Gave Me A New Lease on Life

Back in the ’90s, I was suddenly diagnosed with an illness, and it quickly progressed to the point that my immune system was compromised.

The specialists prescribed many drugs but that only made matters worse. My health continued to deteriorate.  

I was desperate for a cure.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this strange new idea of eating and juicing organic vegetables that I began to heal and then recover.

You Must Take Control of Your Health

Whether you are looking to get serious about your weight or change your diet, this is important for you.

Within six months of beginning to eat and juice only organically grown food, I began a new career. What could it do for you?

organic gardening and health

Heal Your Body With Organic Gardening

When I started eating food that was alive and not processed, my cells got the nutrition in the form they needed to rebuild.

That’s how I got my health back and strengthened my immune system. It’s not a secret, and there is nothing mysterious about it.

It is just accepting Nature on her terms.

Look, Feel and Sleep Better

You are going to have a lot of fun growing, and it will show. You can create the oasis of your dreams: beautiful flowers, shade or fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, or spices. Once you see it, you only need to create it.

Provide shelter and food for butterflies and other pollinators and bring life into your garden. 

Starting my first container garden got me up and active when I could barely get around. It was something to look forward to instead of another visit to the doctors. I began getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and I noticed that I always sleep better after time in the garden.

Go to the Garden or Go to the Store           

One day as I was standing in line dreading the checkout, I thought, wouldn’t it be great to grow this stuff myself? 

Right now, I decided I was finally going to take control of my health and start my own organic garden. Who wouldn’t enjoy more time with family instead of standing in line at the store?

Reality Check

Despite all the many benefits that can be obtained from growing your own organic garden, I have to admit; it can also drive you to the point that you just want to scream and pull at your hair

And that will happen, too, unless you have a beginner guide to walk you through the process first. 

Gardening is one of those projects that work best when you follow in someone’s footsteps.

 It is unnerving to watch all your hard work wilt and burn up in the sun; Boy, do I remember! So let me share how using some drip irrigation and good mulch cover, you won’t have to worry about that problem.

There are a variety of potential problems that can be eliminated when you start off on the right foot. Follow along with me and start planning now.

You are Not Alone

 And in the event you can’t find the page you are looking for, let me know, and I will get our crack IT techs on it immediately.

Is there something you don’t understand? Instructions seem vague? Simply post a question to me, and I’ll take care of it personally.

Connect with Nature

Many have shared with me that their garden gives them a spiritual experience that is hard to describe.

They obtain an awareness that brings inner peace and strength to draw on. 

You can discover that too.

Heal Your  Body and Your  Mind Will Follow

After I started my own garden, I began to slow down and just relax. There is no pressure there. 

I enjoy being outdoors with Nature and having another day. When I am out working in your garden, it helps put things in perspective, and the world’s cares slip away.

New Sense of Purpose

Eating as I knew it changed dramatically. I became much more aware of what I was putting into my body and its effect on me.

Gardening gave me something else to focus on other than my illness. I never dreamed it would be possible to rejuvenate my body so effectively, let alone giving me back my health.   

Gardening With Kids and Grand Kids

You will find many teaching moments in the garden with kids. 

Give them their own spot and a few plants, and you will start a life-long connection to Nature. Having additional hands in the garden comes in handy too!

And if you really want to get their attention, tell them they can…

Earn Extra Money

Grow one organic garden, and suddenly you realize that you can raise two.

It doesn’t take a lot of space to grow spices and herbs, and you can harvest them throughout the growing season. I used to sell vegetables to the neighbors out of my grandparent’s garden. That made helping out a lot of fun for a kid!

And adults too.

Fresh Basil for cooking is a great seller at farmers’ markets. They make a lot of seeds!

What if you planted a whole bunch of 3″ pots and offered them for sale as soon as the markets open this Spring?

You don’t even need a booth, simply pay a percentage to a booth to have your product featured, and it’s a good deal for both of you.

Could you use an additional part-time income? You can make it happen. Your imagination only limits you. 

Or you may be inclined to donate to your local food bank or help meet the need of someone in your church.

What is the key to avoiding common beginners mistakes? Learn to build fertile garden soil.

Good for your Health. Good for Wildlife. Good for the Environment

Countless people have regained their health by eating only naturally grown food. Will you may be one of them?

Sercan C.

I'm an agricultural consultant in Turkey. While keeping up with my business, I love to share new topics about organic gardening with awesome people.

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