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(Video) Designing A Beautiful Garden On Your Own


How To Design A Garden

Planning Stage

When you have to start from zero to having an awesome looking and calming one whenever you look at it, of course having a garden is a puzzling situation as there are many criteria you have to consider. Moreover, after you complete every step and have a beautiful one finally, just watering is on daily basis would not be enough to sustain its awesomeness. Of course this so called ‘many things to consider’ starts with planning, just like anything else you do.

Creating A New Garden

There is an endless list we need to note down before beginning a new garden but the first thing to check and scale is the wideness and the aspect of the area. There are different types of grass options in the market varying from low to a high quality to serve you, you can keep going with one of them, but if you have a low budget, just starting it with fresh green grass would be a wise choice. Spend more of your time on deciding, trees, shrubs and flowers. Also determining the place and size of the pond if you want to have is another thing to consider. Besides that paying attention to security concerns is another thing as many people like to have an open garden while others go for safety precautions like fencing…

Check out the video to find out how to start a garden on your own:

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