Eat These Organic Foods For a Perfect Tan!

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Having a perfect tan is something most people enjoy because it makes the skin look beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, getting a tan can be pretty tricky for those that aren’t naturally lucky. Lying out in the sun is effective and dangerous because it exposes the skin to the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun.

Tanning beds are also dangerous because they use the same UV rays to tanning the skin’s surface. A lot of people end up getting skin cancer because of these things.

There are options out there other than tanning that can result in golden and bronzed skin. For example, many people choose to spray tan or use lotions that have bronzing colors in them. These often result in beautiful-looking skin without all the health dangers.

Sometimes having bronzed skin can be just as simple as eating the right foods! All of these types of foods are healthy, good for the body, and have natural chemicals in them that react with the color of the skin.

Eat These Organic Foods For a Perfect Tan -  foods for tanning

What Types of Foods Can Create the Perfect Tan?

The foods that will help turn skin tan naturally are actually really healthy and can be made into several different types of dishes. These fruits and vegetables including romaine lettuce, bell peppers, kale, carrots, spinach, and turnips.

Some other seasonal foods for tanning include,

Some of these might be available throughout the year, but some will only be around when they are in season.

Eating these raw will provide the body with the most nutrients. There are many healthy dips that can be consumed with them to add a little bit of flavor. Steaming is also a healthy cooking option that doesn’t strip away too many of the vitamins and nutrients from the actual vegetable.

It’s just important that these foods don’t become soft and mushy, which means they will void many of the chemicals that help promote tanned skin.

How do These Vegetables and Fruits Make the Skin Tan?

All of these foods are full of beta-carotene, which acts as a skin pigment. That means just eating these will increase the amount of pigment that is in the body and shown through the skin. The more foods like this that are consumed, the better the skin is going to look.

In addition to this, foods for tan skin are like,

  • broccoli,
  • oatmeal,
  • apples,
  • tomato juice,
  • lemons,

are all packed full of melanin. This is a vitamin that is used in tanning products because it can help promote more bronze-looking skin.

best foods for perfect tanning - best foods for tan skin

Tyrosine and calcium are also essential nutrients for anyone who is going tanning. These can help the skin tan more quickly, so less time needs to be spent in the sun.

  • Tofu,
  • egg whites,
  • salmon,
  • Brazil nuts,
  • low-fat milk,
  • yogurt,

are just a few of the best foods for tan skin that should be incorporated into a diet. Avoiding fatty, fried foods is also a great way to reduce toxins in the skin. This will make it healthier and give it a nice-looking glow.

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