How To Start Planning Garden Paths?

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Planning garden paths is necessary for big gardens.

If you have a large garden with different parts of territories, its as important as your home’s main layout and you need to pay enough attention to the design of it because the walkways of your garden are the bridge to other parts of the outdoor territory and you don’t want to wait for them to be explicit as you walk on the grass here and there… Yes, you already know this, but how?

What are the ideal path dimensions and what design ideas are more useful to make your garden paths stay on the surface longer and wider? Let’s see them with the pictures.

While searching on the net, I came across this beautiful site and compiled the ideas shortly for you. thanks to them.

Planning garden paths in big gardens. https://organicgardeningeek

Consider And Measure The Topography Of The Area

If you are a lucky owner of a perfectly flat land plot, pathways in your garden can be planned in any possible way: they can be straight and twisty, arranged perpendicularly to each other or branchy; it’s a matter of your personal choice and general style of your landscape design.

Garden paths ideas for big gardens https://organicgardeningeek garden_design

The best choice for slightly sloping terrain with a drop of the height of about 1-5 degrees is zigzagging walkways with seamless transitions.

https://organicgardeningeek garden_design

And steep slopes call for stairs. garden design how to start planting garden paths

Options are limited to saucer-like territory owners, in which the land descends towards the center from all sides. In this case, there is just one option for garden path arrangement – in the shape of the sun, where walkways play the role of sun rays leading to the central spot. garden desing

Optical illusions

As soon as you make up your mind on the pattern of your garden path arrangement, it’s high time to learn other tricks that help landscape designers “manipulate” outdoor territories and create optical illusions.

To make even a small area look large and stunning, creating lanes that winding smoothly is one of the best options. That will create visual space expansion for people. garden design

Otherwise, approaching to house, garage, or other parts of the territory, the pathway will look shorter if you decide to make it wider. garden design and garden paths how to start planting them

To make space look smaller, build any surfaces, with symmetrical shapes like circles or squares.

multi-level borders to a lawns garden design

All types of longitudinals or multi-level borders to a lawn will work just fine If you’re planning to build the path to appear visually longer. garden design

Optimal width

The standard width for main walkways is 3-4 feet, and for supplementary paths – 1.5 feet. Depending on the shape and length of the walkways, make your choice. Of course, you are all free to choose a wider option, it totally depends on you and your desire.


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