How To Plant and Grow Onion Sets At Home


It’s not hard work to learn how to grow onion sets at home. Starting your onion planting process will let you harvest your own organic and tasty onions for the next season.

There are different types of onion choices for almost any taste or culinary aims such as the big Bermudas, tiny pearl onions to mild to pungent to consider when it comes to making a decision on how to grow onion sets and plant them in your garden.

Grow onion sets at home | Onion seeds to grow in the garden

So gardeners make their decision as well, on how to plant them with known methods including transplanting, planting sets, using seeds or for some gardeners all of them when they have available space or particular purpose. However, what we are talking about today is using onion sets to grow our own organic onions in our garden.

Right now, onion season is coming, and let’s say, if you have a family of four members, you can grow your own very organic onions just on a quarter-acre of a plot, which is enough for all of you year-round


What Are Onion Sets?

Onion sets to grow in the garden

Onion sets are basically come up with tiny onion bulbs, which were produced from seeds and left to dormancy stage when they are still immature. Once planted in the soil, they awaken and keep growing. Onions sets are the simplest way of all planting techniques and producing good amounts of large onions for storage.

In this video, our guy is telling us how to grow onion sets easily in your home. Check it out

How to grow onion sets at home

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