How gardening helps you lose weight and live longer

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Gardening is not only fun, but it is also suitable for health and living fit. So gardening helps you lose weight and live healthy and longer.

That known ‘gardening is healthy because you exercise a lot in the fresh air is nothing new. But did you know that gardening can even help you lose weight?

At a time when almost everyone is sitting too much, moving too little, and the scales are moving more and more towards obesity, any form of physical activity is good for the rusty musculoskeletal system and the maintenance of the slimline. So what could be more obvious than combining the useful physical exercises and beautiful botanical gardens in your home?

Lean through gardening is a simple recipe, because digging, planting, cutting, and weeding is effective whole-body workouts.

If you want to work off a bunch of bacon after the long winter months, gardening in spring gives you the best chance. When the first rays of sunshine lure onto the terrace, the desire for fresh air and exercise comes naturally. So go out into the green and initiate the sports program to lose weight. So you can easily become slim through gardening.

Planting beds are not only fun, but it also helps you lose weight

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Lose weight with gardening

It is well known that regular work in the green is healthy and keeps you fit. Gardeners spend a lot of time outdoors, eat more consciously, and have a lot of exercise. If you’re struggling with being slightly overweight and therefore want to take a more targeted approach, gardening can also help you lose weight.

For example, a 5’7 feet tall and 176 lb heavy middle-aged woman burns around 320 kilocalories in one hour with vegetable patches. The cutting of trees and bushes with the electric hedge trimmer has a good 220 kilocalories after 60 minutes.

If she uses hand scissors instead of the machine, it is even up to 290 kilocalories. And men also get a proper sports program when gardening: a 5’9 feet tall, 198 lb man burns over 470 calories within an hour of wood chopping. Sixty minutes of pushing the lawnmower require almost as much energy – of course, a little more with the hand mower than with the motor mower.

gerdening helps you lose weight

With 30 minutes of leaves, a 45-year-old man can get rid of about 150 kilocalories.

Gardening helps you lose weight with the belly, legs, trowel

If you want to lose weight while working in the garden, you must observe the basic rules of sporting activity (especially if you are overweight). Before you get into the flower beds fall, you should warm up and stretch a little.

This warming up is especially true if you want to lift heavy equipment (e.g., chainsaw or electric hedge trimmers) or are planning more extensive digging work. Do not bend down, but bend your knees. Keep your back straight and tense your stomach and buttocks during all work, so gardening becomes an effective fitness program. It is best to carry heavy objects in front of your body.

When dragging watering cans, never let your arms hang limp, but tense your upper arm muscles. 

Attention: if the pain becomes noticeable, it is better to stop and take a break and drink enough water.

Plucking weeds burn almost 260 calories an hour.

Learn gardening without having a garden

In order to create a slimline by gardening in the fresh air, it is not even absolutely necessary to have your own garden. If you fancy gardening instead of a gym or pedaling on the exercise bike, but don’t have a garden, just ask your friends or neighbors if you can support them in gardening.

Especially at the time of planting and harvesting, many gardeners are happy to have a helping hand! Or you can take part in projects such as the “Green Gym,” where public parks and green areas are brought up to speed in loose groups. Losing weight with gardening is not only suitable for yourself, but also the general public and you also get to know new friends.

Up to 390 kilocalories are flattened per hour together with the potting soil

Fit and healthy in the garden

If you plan gardening as a fitness program, you should pay particular attention to regularity. Do not work hard all weekend, but try to work in the garden two or three times a week for about two hours if possible. It doesn’t always have to be sweaty.

Picking or cutting flowers for half an hour burns up to 100 kilocalories, which is more than ten minutes of jogging! If you now round off the fitness program with the healthy enjoyment of home-grown vegetables and fruit, you will feel fit, slim, and healthy in no time. And even when bringing in the harvest, the pounds keep falling.

So burn 60 minutes of fruit harvesting between 190 and 230 kilocalories. And if motivation leaves something to be desired, remember that working in your own garden is definitely more fun than working in a monotonous gym or jogging through the streets. So get to the shovel, hoe, and cultivator and one and two.

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