How to Get Rid of White Roaches (Albino Cockroach)

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Encountering white roaches may initially deceive observers into perceiving it as an extraordinarily rare occurrence, perhaps even mistaking it for an albino variant of this common pest. However, it is important to understand that during their molting process, all roaches undergo transient phases wherein they display a whitish appearance.

In our discussion today, we shall delve into the nature of white roaches and elucidate effective methods to eliminate their presence. Please continue reading to gain further insights on this intriguing subject. google news follow button

In point of fact, they are not even remotely difficult to find. In their lifetimes, all roaches will, at some point or another, transform into white cockroaches for a period of a few hours, at least a few times. This is true for the vast majority of cockroach species. If it’s so frequent, then why don’t you notice more white roaches or albino roaches around?

“There is not a separate species of cockroach that is white.”

What is White Roaches?

Now, let us delve into the subject at hand: the intriguing phenomenon known as the white roach. It is imperative to clarify that white roaches should not be regarded as a separate species altogether. Furthermore, it is vital to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the term “albino,” as white roaches do not meet the criteria to be classified as such.

Although you may not have personally encountered them before, it is important to note that white roaches are not exceptionally rare or uncommon in nature. With these clarifications in mind, we can now explore the fascinating intricacies of the white roach phenomenon.

A cockroach that has just lost its previous exoskeleton is called a “white roach.” The underlying new exoskeleton will become visible as a result of this. The new exoskeleton has a creamy white appearance and a pliable texture.

What are White Roaches - White Cockroach infestation

They must then replenish the majority of the pigmentation that is lost in their bodies when it is lost. This cockroach has an atypical appearance, so it can seem like it belongs to a whole other species, but it does not. The length of time spent in this white phase might range anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

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Cockroaches, like all other insects, go through a stage of molting known as an “instar.” Cockroaches that have reached maturity have completed this molting process several times, which explains why white cockroaches are more prevalent than you may assume.

They are pretty skilled at concealing themselves, which makes it much more difficult to find them during this period.

Albino Cockroach 

The word “albino” is used to describe animals that suffer from a genetic defect that prevents them from producing enough amounts of pigment molecules in their exoskeleton or skin. White cockroaches are not regarded to be albino cockroaches since they do not have any genetic abnormalities.

There is no phrase used in scholarly literature to refer to a white cockroach; nevertheless, one common name for this species is “molting cockroach.” To ensure that all of their bodily components remain attached to one another once they have shed their outer shell, they must first construct a new shell immediately within the old one.

At first, the newly formed skin is supple and malleable, and it is colorless. Cockroaches shed their skin by slicing it open and then crawling out of it when the time comes. The newly formed skin is still incredibly tender and relatively light in color. An “exuviae” is the term given to the old exoskeleton that has been abandoned.

Roaches have a reputation for being very careful during this delicate molting stage, which accounts for their seeming elusiveness. When they are prepared to molt, they seek cover where they won’t be hurt or eaten.

For this short period, they remain camped out until their exoskeletons solidify and change back to their black hue. It is challenging for them to flee and hide from predators since their new shell is not yet stiff enough for the muscles to offer much mobility. The cockroach has put on a fresh set of armor and is prepared to go out in search of food and water.

What Is Molting?

Before reaching maturity, cockroaches will go through between seven and eight molts. In order to complete the process, they must first shed their old shell and then develop a new one that is proportionate to their increased size. They continue to develop and lose their skin until they reach maturity.

professional cockroach controlling

The amount of transformations that a nymph goes through depends on the species. Nymphs seem to look more and more like their adult counterparts with each successive molt as they continue through their development.

Once these parasites have outgrown their outer covering, which is referred to as the cuticle, they will break it and then shed it. The tender skin that lies behind their white appearance. Within a few hours, their newly formed cuticles will become harder and darker, giving them an appearance that is more similar to the usual coloring of their species.

Cockroaches typically remain concealed inside their harborages at all times, but more so during the molting process. Skins that roaches have shed may often be discovered in places where cockroaches live, such as behind appliances, within cupboards, beneath sinks, and in other typical hiding places.

Because of their soft bodies, which make it difficult for them to move and flee while they are molting, cockroaches are highly vulnerable to being eaten by predators at this time. This indicates that they will come out into the open only seldom.

Even while white roaches are not quite as uncommon as you would have believed, coming across one is still a unique experience for most people.

Identification: Is It A White Roach or An Albino Cockroach?

First, it is essential to emphasize the distinction between these two distinct circumstances. Despite the prevalence of white cockroaches, there has never been a case of an albino cockroach reported, at least not one that meets the criteria for the condition known as albinism.

Albinism is a genetic condition that affects an organism’s ability to produce a sufficient quantity of the pigment melanin, which is the material that gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. There are many different types of albinism.

Although it does nearly always impact a person’s eyesight, it does not always manifest itself visibly as a lack of pigmentation in the skin or hair. It is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis only based on observing the skin’s hue. Instead, the most frequent method is a straightforward examination of the eyes. However, you shouldn’t go out and start a cockroach eye inspection clinic just yet.

Roaches are not known to be genetically susceptible to albinism. In other words, albinism is not the reason for a white cockroach.

Albino cockroaches have the same size and shape as brown and black cockroaches in terms of body size. However, since these organisms develop at varying speeds, the young ones could be smaller.

  • Wings – Depending on its age, a white cockroach may or may not have wings.
  • Color – It is cream or white in color.

Where Are You Likely To Find An Albino Cockroach?

White roach control

While molting, cockroaches are very fragile. Due to their fragility, they attempt as much as they can to increase their protection when they molt. To do this, they hide in various places, including cupboards, crevices in walls, and even electrical devices.

As it was said before, they are especially susceptible during this point in life. The cockroach usually remains in the dark for a few hours after the molting process is complete. So where to locate them – in most common spots known to other roaches.

Albino cockroaches may be found inside and outdoors in damp, gloomy plenty-of-shade environments. Basements, floor drains, and porches are all common places to look for these pests. Crawl spaces, greenhouses, basements, and the area under washing machines are among the most preferred hiding spots.

Since albino roaches aren’t as mature, you’re more likely to find these white guys near places where they were laid like eggs, which is closer to where food is. Human allergies are caused by albino cockroach skin shed, which is a little-known fact.

To know more, read this. People who suffer from roach infestation might detect small fragments of the parched-up exoskeleton in their dwellings. These particles may become airborne and provoke an allergic reaction in people. The higher number of roaches, the more danger of roach allergens in the air. Some individuals might even develop asthma owing to these particles.

Watch out for white cockroaches in places in your house that are damp and dark. Some of these places are basements, floor drains, and areas under porches. If there are food scraps, you might also find a white cockroach. Like many other pests, roaches can be annoying to people who have to live with them. If you find out that your home has white cockroaches, you should get rid of them right away.

Does a White Cockroach signal an Infestation?

When it comes to cockroaches, the basic rule of thumb is that if you locate one, there are probably more hidden somewhere else. There may be more cockroaches in your home than you think if you discover a white one. It also suggests the cockroach has found a location to molt.

Cockroaches won’t start molting in the middle of the day because they are much more likely to be eaten while their exoskeleton is still soft. So, before the molting process starts, they look for a safe place to stay (a place where cockroaches congregate). The cockroach might have just been passing through and needed a warm, dark place to shed its skin.

What Should I Do if I Find a White Cockroach?

Are White Roaches Poisonous

If you see any cockroaches in your house, no matter what color they are (white, yellow, brown, or black), you should look for more right away. Write down where the first cockroach you saw was, and then sweep the area around it.

Cockroaches tend to stay close to their original breeding grounds, which may be found by looking for openings in the structure of your home’s walls, floors, or ceilings that lead to warm, damp crevices. Cockroaches are often seen in kitchen cabinets.

If you don’t locate any more around the location of the first cockroach, you should undertake a comprehensive check of your residence. Examine the areas under your sinks and toilets, as well as any cracks or openings in the walls. These are excellent places to build a fortress. google news follow button

Plus, you might consider hiring an expert to undertake a complete assessment. A professional exterminator will have a lot of tools, like inspection cameras, that can get to places that are hard to get to. Cockroaches frequently build nests in hard-to-reach places in your house, making using these instruments important while trying to locate an infestation.

Remember that if you find one cockroach (of any color), there is probably a lot more hiding somewhere. Cockroaches typically want to be with other cockroaches.

Even a single cockroach may send out a signal to other roaches that food and shelter are nearby, resulting in an exponential increase in the number of roaches and their ability to reproduce swiftly. The only way to prevent an infestation from getting out of hand is to act promptly!

Here in the video, the guy is testing Bayer Roach Bait. But remember that to stop cockroaches from developing an immunity to a particular pesticide, rotate your cockroach bait by active component every three months:

White roach control: Best methods and strategies to get rid of Albino cockroaches

You are mistaken if you believe that albino roaches are harmless insects that are not to be handled in any way. These guys have reached the last stage of their growth, which is indicated by the white hue of their bodies. This suggests that these cockroaches will rapidly attain their sexual maturity.

After that… In the end, you could find that you have a widespread infestation on your hands. Cockroach control should be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible when it has been determined that the home is infested with white critters. The first thing you need to do to get rid of cockroaches is located their hiding spot. After the location has been determined, an effective treatment should be carried out. It includes:

1. Apply Insecticides

How to Get Rid of White Roaches

The use of insecticides is essential for getting rid of a roach infestation. Take note that a white cockroach only stays out in the open for a few minutes at a time. It stays hidden the vast majority of the time. Instead of spreading pesticides all over the place, you should instead concentrate on finding the pest’s hiding places and treating them.

Both liquid and aerosol forms of insecticides are commonly accessible to consumers. Some are converted into edible dust or used as bait. Be sure to give the included instructions a thorough read before beginning usage. In order to prevent contamination throughout the treatment, you must ensure that all of the utensils have been removed.

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2. Use Sprays

When spraying, pay more attention to the crevices and cracks in which albino cockroaches are known to hide. Spray the regions that have evidence of feces or other indicators that these animals have been there. Do not spray the surfaces of the walls, floors, or counters since it will not have any impact.

3. Exterminate A White Roach With Dust

On surfaces where roaches frequent, apply powder or dust-containing ingredients such as boric acid and diatomaceous earth. After crawling over an area that has been treated with such substances, a white roach will eventually die.

4. Baits

Baiting is the most efficient approach to eliminating an albino roach fast. Usually, baits will include a food attractant in them that will entice roaches to consume them. After eating the bait, they will quickly crawl away and then die a few minutes later.

Even people who were not directly exposed to the toxin may still perish if they consume it since it is excreted in the feces and sputum of those who consumed the bait. You may either purchase the bait or construct one yourself. The insecticide is sprinkled on food leftovers, and then those scraps are carefully placed in areas of high roach activity to create homemade bait.

5. Repel White Cockroaches Using Citrus

Roaches are effectively driven away by citrus’ strong odor and taste. The scent of lemon prevents insects from invading your home and spreading disease. Include a few drops of lemon oil in the bucket of water that you want to use to mop the floor. The odor will be enough to ward off every single white cockroach. The use of citrus is a method that is not only inexpensive but also efficient in completing the task at hand.

6. Essential Oils

Roaches are effectively driven away by citrus’ strong odor and taste. The scent of lemon prevents insects from invading your home and spreading disease. Include a few drops of lemon oil in the bucket of water that you want to use to mop the floor. The odor will be enough to ward off every single white cockroach. The use of citrus is a method that is not only inexpensive but also efficient in completing the task at hand.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is yet another quick and simple method that may be used in the extermination of an albino cockroach. To make it work, you will need to obtain some onions and then sprinkle baking soda on top of them. Place the prepared mixture in an area where you have previously seen cockroach activity.

The roaches will emerge to consume the onions, at which point they will consume the baking soda. This will cause them to bloat, which will result in their immediate demise.

8. Hire An Albino Cockroach Removal Service

Employing a professional pest control service will result in a more effective eradication of white cockroaches. Experts are knowledgeable in their field and can assist you in eliminating the existing roach infestation as well as preventing such roach problems in the future.

They are able to recognize and eradicate infestations in an efficient and risk-free manner since they are knowledgeable on how to do it.

Do White Roaches Bite?

FAQ – Cockroaches

What Is A White Roach?

The term “white roach” refers to a cockroach that has successfully shed its old exoskeleton and is now revealing the new, fresh exoskeleton that lies below.

During this period, which can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the species, the new exoskeleton has a velvety consistency and a hue that is described as creamy white. Although it can seem to be a separate species, it is not.

How Rare Is A White Cockroach?

White cockroaches are not at all uncommon since all cockroaches molt, and all molt at least multiple times as they age. Due to their propensity for hiding so effectively, actually spotting them may be difficult.

What is a white roach called? Is it albino?

There isn’t actually a particular word for a cockroach going through this stage other than “molting cockroach” thus, “Albino roach” isn’t the proper phrase for a roach going through a molt. The time between molts is referred to as an “instar,” and the old exoskeleton left behind is known as an exuviae.

Are Baby Cockroaches White?

We can say both yes, and no. A newborn cockroach’s exoskeleton is fragile and white when it first emerges from its egg sac but quickly darkens and hardens.

A juvenile cockroach (or cockroach nymph) will remain white for at least a few more molts until it reaches maturity since it may molt up to 14 times before completely growing. But will often be brown or black (exactly like adult roaches).

How to Prevent White Roaches 

Cleanliness is your greatest chance if you want to reduce the likelihood of a cockroach crawling over your kitchen floor. Keep your bathrooms and kitchen tidy and sanitary. Any unclean atmosphere is a haven for roaches.

Put pet food up at night, cover garbage cans with tight lids, and keep all of these locations dry. Seal foods in airtight bags and containers. Sealing up electrical outlets, sink drains, and fissures are also highly beneficial. Roaches will utilize whatever means necessary to enter your home.

Why Are Cockroaches So Hard to Get Rid Of? 

Due to their extraordinary immune systems, cockroaches can eliminate various bacteria and fungi. Thus, a kitchen that we would consider dirty is completely hygienic and clean to them.

Because they have so many tastes and smell sensors, they are far more adept than most other insects at smelling out food. They’ll consume just about everything, including meat, sweets, and even cardboard boxes and glue.

Are White Roaches Poisonous?

White albino roaches do not carry a toxic toxin. They are capable of biting you, but the bite won’t hurt you since it doesn’t contain any venom.

On the other hand, white roaches may spread disease. The presence of these pathogens in the environment may result in a variety of ailments, including respiratory problems such as asthma and food poisoning.

Do White Roaches Bite?

Yes, these roaches are capable of biting humans, and unfortunately, bites from cockroaches are most common at night when people are asleep. On the other hand, white albino roaches do not carry a lethal toxin. They are capable of biting you, but the bite won’t hurt you since it doesn’t contain any venom.

Neither do they feed on blood, nor do they bite in self-defense; instead, roaches prefer to feed on dead skin, eyelashes, feet, and the tips of nails only when it is dark outside. Roaches may be found in every part of the world.

They even prefer to reproduce in the dark and make their homes on dirty surfaces of the house, no matter whether such surfaces are located inside or outside the home.
However, you should be aware that it is pretty unlikely for cockroaches to bite live people, except for severe infestations in which there are enormous numbers of cockroaches, particularly under scarce food. 

Suppose alternative food sources are available, such as trash cans or food that has been left out. In that case, cockroaches will not attack people in the majority of instances.


Self-care methods are mostly ineffective. Even if you can achieve elimination to a point, it might be more costly than you predict, time-consuming, or at least disgusting to fight and clean the locations afterward. They may also easily conceal themselves in your home’s cracks and crevices, and their eggs are inherently resistant to insecticides. Without a professional’s assistance, controlling cockroaches is practically impossible. I need to recommend hiring a professional cockroach-controlling service. google news follow button

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