Grow A Herb In Your Garden: Marsh Mallow


Really? Grow Those The Ones As Seen On TV?

organicgardeningeekNope, you aren’t out of place feeling confused, I was too. This herb was actually used originally to make the sugar confection we know and love, although there isn’t any Marsh Mallow plant in it anymore. You will mainly find this plant in Africa, Asia, and Europe. More, in ancient times they used to be grown in Egypt as they had used it for medical treatments.


organicgardeningeekStart it with seeds or buy it already started and just transplant it over. If you do seeds you’ll need to get them started inside as explained. You also can grow from root cuttings as explained in Care.


  • Get a zipping freezer bag.
  • Add damp sand, enough that your seeds will be covered.
  • Bury your seeds in the sand.
  • Put the bag, once zipped closed, on a table or somewhere to stand unmoved for 24 hours.
  • Next day after the 24 hour period, you should see swollen seeds.
  • When you see swollen seeds, it’s time to move the bag inside the refrigerator and leave there for1-2 months.
  • Seeds should start to germinate in this time frame, give or take.
  • Remove germinating seeds and put them in a pot with well-moistened soil.
  • Can adjust to just about any soil just keep watered regularly.
  • Give plenty of sunlight.
  • Allow for plenty of room. These are in the Hibiscus family so they will get tall.


  • Keep it well weeded around the plant. Mulch can help lower the chances of weed growth.
  • Water when the soil is dry but don’t let it get too dry.
    Growing periods are early Summer into late Fall so if you plan to cut the roots after maturity then do it in late Fall as it is winding down or in the Spring before it starts waking up to become active.

To grow from root cuttings:

Cut the root or roots you want to transplant in the Fall before Winter or in the Spring before early Summer. Doing it when the plant is dormant will be the most convenient time.
Plant it in the moist soil before Early Summer but after the frost. The root will take easily.
Keep watered to avoid drying out and by the next Summer or so you should have a new MarshMallow. If all of the above is done correctly then you should have nice tall plants that can bloom beautiful flowers of pink to white, some purple. It will also return every year so long as its roots are fine. Ifyou plan to use its roots for medical or other reasons then remember to transplant a root cutting or twoso you will have new plants ready to grow when the growing cycle begins. It’s said that deer do not like the taste or smell of the Mallow so plant where you have a deer problem and it is supposed to help.


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