Grow A Herb In Your Garden: Rosemary


How to Grow Rosemary Herb for wonderful smelling backyards?

This herb is most notable for its beautiful scent. It loves sunlight and is drought resistant like the Basil and the Aloe Vera. But whereas those two are fairly quicker or timely growers, this green plant is slow. So most people prefer to buy it already started to save them time. If you learn how to grow rosemary

herb in your garden, you can definitely get rid of those problems.

how to grow rosemary herb in your garden


You can start growing rosemary from seed but learn to be patient because it is slow. You’d be better off buying it already started from a nursery or a store. Transplanting from cuttings is doable and will be covered under Care. Have soil that can drain well. It’s recommended that the soil has good levels of alkaline so it’s a mild richness.

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Along with the well-draining soil make sure your pot you use can also drain water well. Wait until the soil is dry to water it, after you’ve brought it home and transplanted it, to let it adjust. Once the dirt is well dried then water it some. Use examples from the Aloe and Basil to find that right amount. If you are planting this outside and let it grow to its full size, then you will have yourself a nice sized Rosemary bush. Inside, people keep them shorter commonly so they are easier to manage.

How to Care Rosemary:

org4c24f1c4ab5140088c066bf5685d574a Grow A Herb In Your Garden: Rosemary how to grow rosemary herb Organic Gardening Geek To transplant this herb from a clipping follow these steps:

  • Snip off new branches 2.5 inches down from the tip. Going farther will not promote root growth.
  • Put the snipped off stem into its own pot with the same kind of soil.
  • Make them have sufficient sunlight to feed the roots while watering lightly to only as needed if the soil is dry.
  • Watch out for powdery white mold. If you see this, then immediately treat it with a product made from natural ingredients or use a spray that is made for the fungus.
  • Using a preventive treatment early will help lower the chances you’ll need to treat any molds.

Medical Use Of Rosemary :

(if you suffer from anxiety then it is not recommended applying this to your skin with its plant form or in oil). Studies show, for some, anxiety got worse so if you do wish to use it for relaxing anxiety in this manner, speak to your medical provider first.
It has been used in aromatherapy as just simply smelling this herb has shown to have benefits to people in studies.


Here are a few things it helps:

  • Memory: It showed for some to help their memory in remembering things for longer periods of time.
  • Possibly could help with breathing problems, such as asthma when a person rubs Rosemary leaves together with Coltsfoot leaves. The person then smokes them. I personally take this as a reference to lightly catching them on fire so they smoke in a dish to be inhaled. It could be referring to literally smoking them as one does a cigarette but the information wasn’t clear. If you have seizures then I would recommend using this for its scent.
  • This is because of some with certain types of seizures, the types weren’t listed, began having worse seizure episodes and those episodes activity had increased when smelling Rosemary. So, speak with your medical provider before you try helping your memory with Rosemary for aromatherapy.

Soaking the cut off tops in wine for a few hours or a day or so is said to help the following:

  • Relieve aches in muscles or joints when rubbed on the aching area firmly.
  • Help the heart if weakened when drinking in small quantities over time.
  • Potentially could help the kidneys when drank in small quantities over time.
  • Rubbing Rosemary oil along with lavender, thyme, and cedarwood oils into your scalp is reported to help with hair growth. There are also medicines that can be bought in stores that have Rosemary in them. But those which helped with arthritis the most were the medicines containing all of the following:



Oleanolic acid

NG440 and or Meta050 (is another option for what should contain if it does not include Oleanolic acid)



Mainly this herb is used for flavoring but its flowers are also used to make sugar. Here are some

Mainly this herb is used for flavoring but its flowers are also used to make sugar. Here are some ideas for your next meal, Tea:


  • Snip off a few stems of Rosemary and “bruise” them by rolling them under your hand on rosemary tea Grow A Herb In Your Garden: Rosemary how to grow rosemary herb Organic Gardening Geekthe countertop.
  • Wrap the freshly bruised stems in a cloth (such as cheesecloth, a coffee filter, a thin cloth, or you can also strain the tea through a filter at the finish) if you’d like to keep stray fragments out of your drink.
  • Put this cloth into boiling water and wait about 5 or more minutes, depending on how strong you would like the tea.
  • Pull out the bag and serve your tea hot or you could ice it and enjoy.


Mashed potatoes:

  • Add 1 tablespoon of dried Rosemary and 2 tablespoons of chicken broth for every 2 organicgardeningeekpounds of unmashed potatoes.
  • Cook the potatoes in water to soften them.
  • Remove them from the water when they are soft enough to mash, or drain the water, and return to heat.
  • Add the dried Rosemary and chicken broth just before you start mashing so it’s well mixed in and serve.

Rosemary Sugar:

  • Remove several small blooms off the plant and let the air dry them.
  • Mix the dry blooms with some unrefined sugar or unrefined organic sugar in a food rosemary use in kitchen https://organicgardeningeek.comprocessor. (Or a bowl to crush them up good)
  • Blend the mix well so it’s integrated to the other well. If you use a bowl then crush them up good so they are mixed well.
  • Pour out and put the mix into an airtight jar with some dried rosemary sprig leaves for a stronger flavor of herbs. Then just use as you would normal sugar.

Grilled Chops:

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of dried rosemary, 1/2 teaspoon dried sage, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/8 teaspoon salt together with 1 cup pineapple juice in a bowl.
  • When the sauce is well mixed, thickly brush it onto your pork or lamb chops before grilling.
  • Grill your chops and after they’ve been grilling, add another brushing just once more than finish them up and serve.