16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots


Losing your plants day by day because your cat loves them more than you do, right? You need to learn how to keep cats out of plants or your pots urgently. Do you ever need to deal with your feline friends living in your home getting into your houseplants, flowers, container or pot plants or any greenery, inside your home or outside in the garden? Yes, probably you have to; if you are sharing your home with some cuties or have some neighbor cats hanging around in your garden. To find out the best solutions to keep the cats away from the garden, just keep reading…

You Are Not Alone With Cats Damaging Garden And Lawns

Apparently, this is a common issue among home gardeners and pet owners. However, as every single cat inside or outside of your home, has its own personality and characteristics, there is no absolute answer coming from any experts or vets to fix the issue.

Although it sounds a bit cruel, it’s essential that your focus here has to be to find what the cats hate seeing, what plants they hate and make them subject to it every single time they approach your plants.

I and my wife love our plants as well as our cats, but no matter what we did in the past, how high and out of sight we placed our plants, it didn’t work even a bit and we couldn’t figure out how to keep cats out of plants. Our cats achieved to reach them every time. She was upset with this problem as her plants kept dying. We had to find an absolute solution to keep our cats out of plants. Should we keep the plants in an isolated room where the cats can’t reach at all? We had to find a way out.

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Not only Indoors, But It’s Also A Problem In The Home Gardens

Besides that, if you have a garden outside the home, containers or pots with growing bushes or grown vegetables inside, stray cats in your neighborhood can possibly be a plague for you and a good way to distress your fragile bushes or plants as they keep digging and playing around your plants in your absence.

You Need To Understand The Animals

General characteristics of cats are often digging and urinating in container plants or in pots. Besides that, other favorite things they like to do is chewing the colorful flower leaves and plant stems which affect the plants’ health at first hand. Just like my own cats; they don’t like to touch other plants around but like to enjoy my wife’s lovely flowers.

Obviously, we can find a solution by moving them to an unreachable point in the room, so cats can’t reach them at all… either we can. What I mean here is, that’s not a way for us to go around the issue as we don’t want to enjoy our flowers except the place we love to. That’s OUR home man! You understand that; I know. So you need to learn how to stop cats pooping in your garden, or doing other undesired stuff.

So how to keep cats out of potted plants or the entire garden? How can you create a ‘military zone’, keep off!’ signboard which they can understand too?

How to keep cats out of plants?

Here is some compilation of smart ways which we can call every single of them as ‘cat repellents’ to give a try, some of which I’ve tried at home to keep the cats away, as well. Those practices will make your cats just ‘uncomfortable’ and will work to keep them away, so your plants will survive. It’s all a win-win situation.

1) Spraying Cayenne Pepper to keep the cats away

Mix up 1 teaspoon of cayenne in 1/2 cup of water and put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your plants. Because the solution has a dark color, it may change the tone of light-colored flowers a bit, but it works. Here are your spicy flowers! Your car will come around the plant, take a sniff, and leave there as soon as possible as he is not interested in at all. So spraying cayenne is a good way of keeping them away.

How to keep cats out of plants or pots? https://organicgardeningeek.com pepper

2) Placing A Tin Foil

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com foil

As cats don’t like walking on slippery and shiny surfaces, placing tin foils around the bottom of your plants will be a good way of keeping them away. After he learns he not to go there anymore, you can remove the foils.

3) Create a Sticky Surface


It’s similar to tin foil process. Creating a temporary sticky surface around your plants with materials like double-sided tapes, (with some situations it might not be practical) will be enough to keep your cats away as they hate touching sticky things. Again, you can remove them after they realized the situation.

4) Citrus or Orange Peels

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com orange peels

Cats hate this smell too! So placing the peels around your plants and in the containers or pots is a temporary but good way of keeping them away.

5) Decorative Rocks Or Gravel

decorative rocks stones 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening Geek

How to Prevent the cats digging the dirt in your pot or container is such an easy thing by placing some stones and covering the dirt if your only problem is cats using your plant dirt as a litter box. You can collect those stones in various shapes, colors, or sizes from the seaside or buy from local stores. but in case you might like, I added the links in the picture, you can directly click on the pictures and purchase.

6) Buy And Plant Cat Grass.

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com cat grass

If It’s your own kitten living in your home and you see him occasionally chewing your plants or flowers, the problem can possibly be that your cat might be dying for something green to eat. It might be a wise choice to plant some green for him to chew whenever he wishes. you can also find cat grasses in your local pet shops. Those Pet shops sell cat grass in a small container. what you need to do it just raising them by watering adequately. Remember cats need plants too and as they living 7/24 at home, they might be trying to find a solution to this neediness. You can also get some catnip, as cats like it too. Again you can click on the pictures to purchase one of them if you like.

7) Vegetable Net Bags to keep the cats out of plants and pots

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com shopping bag to keep cats away

ir?t=organicgar07d 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N5RLH1D 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening GeekYou can also use fruit and vegetable net bags to keep the cats away which like to dig and leave. If you like to choose that way, cut a bag into a circle to match the diameter of the container or the pot, then cut down the middle. In the middle, up to the base of the plant, tape each side to the rim by using clear packaging tape. While you can comfortably keep watering and fertilizing, they will keep hating the netting and stay away!

8) Use ‘Featured’ Cat Food

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com featured cat food to keep cats away

If it’s an indoor cat, then changing your cat’s food may help you. As cat foods have different ingredients in them, some works just fine for indoor cats, by satisfying their instincts to eat plants all around the house. ‘The Purina cat food‘ is one of them and is just for indoor cats, and after I started feeding our cats with this, they stopped being interested in our plants. By the way, this one is not more expensive than the regular Purina cat chow.

9) Prepare An Uncomfortable Surface

https://organicgardeningeek.com placing fork in the garden

Cats like to hang around in the gardens because of their sandy surfaces with dry dirt. If your problem is in your home garden, you can prevent them visiting by placing slightly blunt (not to hurt the cat) pointy objects, such as plant stakes, chopsticks etc… around the garden or particularly in between your bushes or plants. Our purpose with doing this is just eliminating the space where they can comfortably dig or rest.

10) Non-Toxic Scents to repel the cats

https://organicgardeningeek.com cat smelling

Similar to the cayenne pepper, as we talked above, you can safely use non-toxic scents in your garden as well as indoors. Animals are sensitive creatures and when they don’t like a smell of anything they will just leave the place as soon as possible. So you can use cayenne pepper, orange peels, coffee grounds, black pepper, spraying the leaves diluted lemon juice or orange oil directly, as repeller all around your garden or at a specific point where the cats generally rest or enter.

11) Planting Plants That Cats Won’t Chew

https://organicgardeningeek.com cats chew plants

There are some plants of which cats hate chewing or even approaching because of their intense scent. If growing some of them in your home is not a problem for you either, you can have a go for growing some of those plants which cats hate for their strong aroma, such as Rosemary (which you can also use as a herb in your kitchen), scaredy-cat plant (the same smell effect), rose, cactus, etc…

12) Rewarding Them For Staying Away From The Plants

https://organicgardeningeek.com cat repellent

Instead of keeping reacting with negative reinforcement, using some positive ones when you see him leaving your plants or deciding not to approach, you can reward his behavior. Observing and seeing him just passing away a plant or deciding not to dig the dirt is examples of praising him.

13) Create An Isolated Room

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com isolated sunroom

If you can’t find a better solution, you can also try to create a plant room and keep the door closed to keep cats out. A sunroom is a good idea for this.

14) Using Motion-Detecting Sprinklers

motion detection sprinkles for cats 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening Geek

It’s obvious that if we list the things cats hate, water will be at the top. While there are many reasons why they hate it, one of them is they have a permeable fur that is sensitive to water. If you like to keep the cats away from plants you can use motion-detecting sprinklers which can be a very effective way of repelling the cats in your garden.

After you obtain these sprinkles it may take a few days or weeks to detect or decide the best installation spots but you will get rid of this problem totally once you determine those places. Personally, I would recommend detection sprinklers like the Contech Scarecrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent, Orbit Yard Enforcer or the Hoont Jet Blaster, as I use those brands because of their highly positive reviews and they are the leaders in the industry. Remember that those sprinkles are such useful for other kinds of domestic or wild animals too, like squirrels, skunks, hens, birds, and other pests.

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com motion detection sprinkles for cats

15) Installing ultrasonic repellers in the garden

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com ultrasonic repellents for cats

I recommend motion activated the Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller or Eliminator Robust Electronic Solar to you to go for, as not only now their upgraded versions are available but also it can efficiently monitor up to a 30-feet range. Just like motion-detecting sprinklers, you might need to determine the best spot to place these too. Pay attention to the entrance spots of stray cats in your neighborhood prior to installing them in your garden.

16) Installing wall spikes to keep the cats our of garden

How to keep cats out of potted plants? https://organicgardeningeek.com wall spikes for cats

ir?t=organicgar07d 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B003ZYJO5A 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening Geekir?t=organicgar07d 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MTNPOMM 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening Geek
ir?t=organicgar07d 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B003ZYJO5A 16 Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of Plants or Pots how to keep cats out of plants Organic Gardening GeekIf you can’t resolve the problems with those simple methods which I have already explained above, those last ones are the other professional solutions. Installing physical barriers around the border of the garden territory is one of the better options. If you have fence or wall around your garden, you can safely place spikes along the top of them as It’s useful and one of the guaranteed ways of preventing cats or other undesired animals from entering sneakily.

Those 3 methods above are some of the paid ways to repel cats from a garden. If you just want to feel comfortable and don’t mess with changing the orange peels or refreshing the peppers or stick trash plastics in your garden, you can go for those methods.

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