How To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Yard With This Secret Smell? (And The Top 13 Ultimate Solution)

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Foxes often choose to make gardens their home, which can become a nuisance for gardeners. Cubs will often dig in soft soil on borders, and foxes will mark their territory with excrement in the middle of lawns. I know how you are worried about this problem and need an exact but cost-effective solution simultaneously. Today I’ll show you the cheapest and most actionable ways to keep foxes out of your yard.

If there is a lot of excrement in a garden, it may be that multiple foxes are fighting over the territory. When foxes seek a secure environment to give birth to their young, they may often choose a secluded space inside a garden or even construct a den under decking or a shed.

If a family of fox cubs is being raised in the garden, the gardener should not attempt to evict the foxes but should instead take pleasure in seeing the fox cubs grow up. In the fall, gardeners have the opportunity to take measures that will make their outdoor space less inviting to future fox families.

How to keep foxes out of your yard?

Keep Foxes Out Of Your Yard

As a keen gardener, you’re always looking for ways to deter pests from destroying your hard work. You’re also eager to encourage wildlife into your garden, so finding a balance can be tricky. You may not have considered the fox a potential problem, but if you’re finding that these cunning creatures are visiting your garden, you can do a few things to deter them.

The first way to deter foxes from your garden or yard is to use fox repellent scents. 

1. How to keep foxes away by using smells?

How to keep foxes away by using smells

Spraying a mixture of chili peppers and garlic around your garden will help to deter foxes from entering. This is because foxes have a strong sense of smell and will be repelled by the strong scent of these two ingredients.

There are also other animal repellents available; however, before applying these, you should be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer very carefully. If a fox has already marked its territory in your garden, it may take some time and effort to get it to leave.

2. Use your used tea bags

Use your used tea bags

Looking for one of the cheapest and easy ways to deter foxes from your garden? Look no further than your kitchen cupboard —an old teabag can work magic!

Simply spray or dip your teabag in oil. A strong, all-natural fragrance such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, deep-heat muscle therapy, or anything with a strong smell. The next step is to bury the teabag in the problematic parts of your garden so that it is not visible to the pests. The powerful odor will discourage foxes from approaching the area.

3. What is the top-pick smell to deter foxes?

how to get rid of a fox

My top pick for fox removal is the eucalyptus, or garlic, and chilies pepper mixture.

The fox’s sense of smell is among the most sensitive of any mammal. Strong aromas found in nature, such as eucalyptus or peppermint, may serve as a natural deterrent for foxes without being harmful to the animals or your garden.

While it is absolutely fine to use eucalyptus, you should use caution while working with peppermint oil. The ingestion of pure peppermint oil may be harmful to foxes and other animals that frequent gardens, such as cats, particularly if the oil has not been diluted.

One of the other best approaches to prevent foxes from visiting your garden is to combine hot pepper and garlic with water that has been brought to a boil and then spray the resulting solution about your garden. The fragrance will disgust the foxes and prevent them from entering your garden.

4. Keep your yard clean and tidy

Planting a lawn

If you want to avoid foxes taking up residence in your garden, you’ll need to keep it tidy. This means trimming back overgrown areas and keeping the space free of debris. It is essential, however, to keep in mind that many different kinds of animals seek refuge in overgrown regions. So while you’re working to keep foxes out, you could also inadvertently make life more difficult for other wildlife.

As I indicated before, foxes want a sense of security in their environment; thus, a motion sensor light or even a sprinkler may be employed to discourage them from returning. They are easily frightened. Therefore, a flash of light or a blast of water will help you get rid of foxes that have moved into your yard.

However, you should be aware that they may get used to this strategy; thus, you should consider using a range of strategies, one of which includes motion sensors. A kind of ultrasonic fox deterrent emits a high-pitched sound that is inaudible to people. However, you should be aware that this sound will be heard by other forms of animals, which may cause them discomfort.

5. Get rid of fox feces in your garden

how to keep fox away from chickens - Get rid of fox feces in your garden

Unfortunately, they will leave behind their feces. You’ll need to make sure that you pick them up on a regular basis, which is not the most enjoyable of chores. In addition to that, you’ll need to give the area a comprehensive hosing down.

This step is necessary since you will want to wash the area to get rid of the fox scent in any case, so you should not skip it. For this procedure, you might need a quality garden hose if you don’t have one, ideally one with a high-pressure setting on the nozzle.

6. Make food sources unreachable

prevent foxes from visiting your garden

Foxes will be able to find plenty to eat in your garden, so if you want to discourage them from coming into your yard, you should keep bird food out of their reach (and clean up any spillage), protect livestock such as chickens and rabbits from foxes, and maintain bins in a secure location while keeping them clean.

They will also consume fruit from the garden; hence, if you discover that they are a problem, you should remove any fruit that falls from fruit trees and safeguard any other fruit or vegetables that foxes may readily get.

7. Protect your property

best way to repel foxes

You may also take measures to prevent foxes from entering your yard. For instance, you can check to see that your fences are free of holes or gaps, or you can place thorny plants at the boundary of your property to make entry more difficult.

Be aware, however, that this may also dissuade other forms of wildlife that you would want to have to visit your yard, such as hedgehogs, who find it easier to find food if there are gaps in the fences where they can get through.

It is also important to be aware that foxes can leap heights of up to two meters (6.5 feet), which means that preventing holes that would prevent other animals from accessing your garden might not really prohibit foxes from entering your yard.

8. Keep your hedges trimmed and lawn mowed

repel foxes by Keeping your hedges trimmed and lawn mowed

The foxes who frequent your yard probably don’t want you to get a glance at them. If they have a choice between a tidy backyard with groomed grass and orderly borders and an overgrown backyard, they will always go for the overgrown backyard since it provides more cover for them. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of the care in your backyard, you need to make an investment in the finest lawn mower and hedge trimmer.

9. Consider installing fences

Consider installing fences how to get rid of fox

Installing a modest fence around a garden might be just as effective at preventing foxes from accessing food if guarding the whole property is not an option. A fence at least a couple of feet high may be built using chicken wire or sturdy netting.

Less than 3 inches should separate the gaps in the netting. Since foxes are skilled diggers, you should bury the fence at least one foot underground. A single electric fence wire installed on top of the fence should be adequate to dissuade foxes, but you also have the option of adding a netting roof that doesn’t block sunlight from reaching your garden.

10. Get rid of rodents if they exist

how to keep fox away from chickens

If you want to keep foxes away, it’s essential to limit the population of their favorite prey animals, like mice, voles, snakes, and frogs. If these animals aren’t around, the foxes won’t be either. If you and your family live in a rural area and mice are a problem, you can hire a rodent control company to help reduce their numbers. If that doesn’t work, you can try using a rodent spray.

11. Place sensitive motion sensor lights in your territory

Place sensitive motion sensor lights in your territory to keep the foxes away

Foxes are often frightened and may frequently flee if there is unexpected illumination in the area. They hate light. It is highly recommended that you make an investment in a sensitive motion sensor light (opens in a new tab) and secure it near the area where the fox often travels. It is a highly efficient method for preventing them from entering your garden. The finest outdoor security lights are going to be quite helpful in this situation.

12. Consider placing electronic repellents

Consider placing electronic repellents to control foxes
Electronic repellent

If you have many locations where a fox would be interested in hanging out, an automated electronic repellent might be your most effective option. It is a motion detector that will scare the fox by activating the sprinkler system, making a loud noise, or turning on a light, depending on the selected option.

Put a pair of these electrical repellents near your garden, shed, coop, or den. They should keep pests away. They will deter foxes and other animals that cause problems.

13. Get professional help from a Fox control service

Foxes are clever creatures, so it’s not easy to trap them. In some states, it’s even illegal to trap a fox. If you’re hoping to deter a fox and its family from your property without harming them, your best bet is to contact a wildlife control expert. They’ll be able to help you determine the best location to set a trap, monitor it, and safely relocate any foxes.


Foxes may damage a yard and endanger small animals. Prevent foxes from returning and maybe build a nest if you think they may be on your property. Keep any area where food or small animals may be accessed safe and free from holes or damage.

If you are unable to dissuade foxes using fox repellent spray, electrical repellents, or other basic equipment, you may need to hire qualified specialists to eliminate a rat infestation or a den of foxes in order to assist you in swiftly managing a fox infestation. Rats and foxes are both considered vermin.


What is the best Fox Deterrent?

The best fox deterrent is a motion-activated sprinkler. It is crucial to pinpoint the susceptible spots on your property by analyzing damage so that you can estimate how many repelling sprinklers you will need and where to position them. A fox’s typical behavior includes eating or otherwise damaging the fruits of a garden.

How to keep a fox away from chickens?

To ensure the safety of your chickens, invest in some sturdy fencing. It is essential to have a fence that is solid, safe, and properly maintained. Make sure that your chickens are always secured for the night, regardless of the weather.

Does electric poultry net keep foxes out?

Definitely yes. Foxes may be a significant annoyance since they leave droppings all over gardens, sports fields, bowling greens, and other areas. An electric netting system is an efficient means of excluding them from the area. In addition, it will shield the same region from the dangers posed by badgers, rabbits, dogs, and cats.

What will scare a fox away?

These foxes may be readily driven away from the area by making loud sounds like screaming or blowing whistles, dousing them with water houses or squirt guns, or tossing things such as tennis balls at them.

What do foxes eat?

They consume a broad range of foods, including earthworms, insects, fruit and vegetables, and a vast variety of domestic and wild birds and animals. Urban foxes have a diet that is quite diverse. Insects include a significant number of beetles, cutworms (the larvae of noctuid moths, which they collect off lawns during wet nights), and larval and adult craneflies. Beetles may be found in enormous numbers. Cutworms are the larvae of noctuid moths.

How to Stop Foxes Digging up My Lawn?

The best way to get rid of foxes and stop them from digging on your lawn is to point out possible areas they will dig and install motion-activated security lights, electronic fox deterrents, or motion-activated sprinklers nearby.

Are foxes canines?

Yes. Canines are sometimes referred to as canids, and this term refers to members of the dog family, such as foxes, wolves, and jackals (Canidae). They may be found in every region of the globe and often have slim bodies, long legs, long muzzles, bushy tails, and pointed ears that stand up straight.

Are foxes dangerous?

No. Unless they are rabid, which happens extremely seldom, foxes do not pose a threat to people and do not attack them. The only exception is when they are trapped and handled by humans. Even under these circumstances, a fox’s default behavior is to run away rather than put up a fight.

How long do fox cubs stay with their mother?

Kits are able to strike out on their own after seven months of development. Males have been known to go as far as 240 kilometers (150 miles) away from their birthplace, whilst females tend to remain in the vicinity of their birthplace.

How to stop foxes screaming?

Foxes scream for various reasons, such as marking their territory, communicating with other foxes, or mating. The screaming can be very loud and disturbing, especially at night. There are some possible ways to stop foxes from screaming, such as:

Using a loud noise to scare them off, such as a horn, a whistle, or a clap.

Trying to catch them and relocate them to a different area, using a humane trap or a professional service.

Keeping your yard clean and tidy and removing any food sources or shelter that might attract foxes.

Spraying a repellent around your property, such as a mixture of chili peppers and garlic or a commercial product designed for foxes.

Installing a motion-activated light or sprinkler that will deter foxes from entering your yard.
However, you should also be aware that foxes are wild animals that have a natural role in the ecosystem. They help control rodent populations and provide food for other predators. They are also protected by law in some areas, so you should not harm them or disturb their dens.

Foxes usually scream only during certain times of the year, such as the mating season or when they have cubs. Therefore, you might have to tolerate their noise for a while and appreciate their presence as part of the wildlife. google news follow button

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