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This Garden Sphere Develops Friendship With Your Neighborhood

IKEA Releases Free Design For Garden Sphere That Feeds a Neighborhood

organicgardeningeekWell, Ikea engineers are caring about us enough I guess. They designed a free giveaway garden sphere to grow our vegetables and/or flowers together with our neighbors to develop our friendship or even intimacy.

This garden sphere has a unique and modern design and worth building and placing on the border of the garden. Beside that, in the crowded urban areas, where lots of plants are needed but almost impossible to find, it will obviously be a way out to our organic and more green life. I believe it will also help our kids to develop notion to organic foods, or at least where the food actually comes from.

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As I’ve come across this subject on, credits go to these guys, however, I couldn’t see the plans in their article, so I found them on the net and shared with the above link.

This easily-constructed new IKEA product could feed dozens of people in your very own neighborhood – and the blueprints are available for download free of charge.

The Grow Room is an urban structure, an IKEA idea lab based on coming up with innovative, groundbreaking solutions for the future. The designers hope that the Grow Room will encourage people to engage in growing their own food in sustainable, natural ways. Not to mention that the Grow Room brings the food of a farm to a city by taking up only a small fraction of the space.

All one needs to make a Grow Room is some plywood, screws, a hammer, and a trip to a local public fab lab. According to Space 10, such technologies as 3D printing and cutting are as accessible as printers.

Cities like Helsinki, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Taipei are all reportedly gearing up to construct their own Grow Rooms.

“Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. It reduces food miles, our pressure on the environment, and educates our children of where food actually comes from. The result on the dining table is just as fascinating.

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