Propagate Lamium Purpureum Cuttings (Dead-Nettles)

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Lamium, also known as Dead Nettle, is a well-behaved ground cover that isn’t a severe garden thug. It’s easy to edge in the spring and won’t turn into a weed. Here is the information on how to propagate Lamium Purpureum cuttings and other varieties of the plant.

Lamium Purpureum Common Name(s):

  • Dead Nettle
  • Purple Archangel
  • Purple Dead Nettle
  • Purple Dead-nettle
  • Red Dead Nettle
  • Red Dead-nettle
  • Red Dead-nettle,
  • Velikdenche

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The flowers are carried well above the foliage, and the different varieties make this a delight to grow.

It blooms in the late spring or early summer – see the flower color on the varieties below.


This is one hardy plant, surviving nicely down into USDA zone 2.

Growing Conditions

Grow in the sun or shade. Allowing it to dry completely will not give you the most significant effects. In very dry conditions, the leaves will deteriorate and develop brown edges.

Sweltering conditions can lighten the coloring, so this plant is best considered a part-shade or shade groundcover in decent soil.

Try planting under shrubs to brighten up unused garden spaces. Control the spread in the spring with a sharp shovel to edge it.

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It is easily propagated by division in the spring or by tip cuttings. Purchase a few, and you’ll never want for more.

The layering of stems. Simply push a stem down to the ground (still connected to the mother plant) and cover it with dirt, leaving only the tip exposed. Soon, the tip will sprout into a new plant.


In the spring or autumn, gently dig up and separate the Lamium plant. Replant the divisions at least 6 inches apart this time.


Remove the lowest leaves with a 6-inch snip. Dip the bottom of the cutting in rooting media and put it in a cup or container with wet sand or perlite. To keep the plant and container wet, cover it with a plastic bag and water it as required. The cutting will grow roots in a few weeks. Replant it outdoors or in another container at this stage, using the potting mix as the growth medium.

It is an excellent plant for container use or on the edges of stone walls because of its trailing nature.

Lamium amplexicaule (common henbit, or greater henbit) - How to Propagate Lamium Purpureum Cuttings (Dead-Nettles)
Lamium amplexicaule (common henbit, or greater henbit)

Varieties of Lamium

Anne Greenaway‘ green, chartreuse and silver leaf, mauve flowers

Beedham’s White‘ chartreuse yellow leaves, white flowers best golden leaf form

‘Brocade‘ silver leaves with a green edge, rose-pink flowers’Chequers’ green leaves with silver stripe, rosy-purple flowers

‘Purple Dragon‘ silver leaves edged green, purple flowers

Shell Pink‘ green foliage with silver stripe, soft pink flowers

White Nancy‘ green/silver foliage with white flowers -older, but good variety (pictured)

You can watch the video to see how to propagate Lamium from scratch:

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