4 Tips for Successfully Redesigning a Rose Garden

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Want a new look for your rose garden? Before you get too carried away with dreaming up new garden designs, it’s essential to consider that redesigning a rose garden requires a bit more care and attention to detail than starting a new rose garden.

After all the time and hard work you’ve invested in your roses, the last thing you want to do is lose them to over-exuberant garden renovations. Follow these four tips, though, and you should get excellent results.

4 Tips For Redesigning a Rose Garden

1) Note what you don’t like

Before you start making plans for redesigning a rose garden, take some time to get clear on exactly what it is about your current rose garden design that you’re not happy with. Are your best roses not presented as well as they could be? Do you want more variety in terms of color, scent, and growth habits? Is there no good seating area?

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2) Choose the right roses

Unfortunately, not every rose can grow in every garden, no matter how much you pamper the plant. If you have a few rose bushes that are languishing in your garden, you may be better off giving them away and replacing them with something better suited to your climate and soil. Once you’ve taken this into account, though, spend a little time exploring new options for what to plant.

3) Take time with your planting design

Re-working your landscaping design is, of course, the essential step in redesigning a rose garden. At the very least, get a sheet of graph paper, draw a scale sketch of your garden and make some paper cut-outs to represent the rose bushes you want to plant or transplant and other moveable landscape features. You may want to invest in some landscaping software that will help you quickly and easily create several rose garden designs so you can then select the one you like best.

4) Don’t take transplanting lightly

Transplanting roses is something of an art and not necessarily an easy one to master. That’s why most rose gardeners prefer not to disturb a rose that’s already thriving in a particular spot. If you must transplant, though, make sure you educate yourself on the proper way to prepare a rose for transplanting, the right way to uproot roses, and the best time of year to transplant the cultivar you’ll be moving.

Redesigning a rose garden can be one of the most enjoyable projects you do with your home landscape as long as you do proper preparation first. Take the time to find solutions for your current garden’s shortcomings by sketching a few different rose garden designs and exploring new rose cultivars that might work well for you. You may be pleasantly astonished by the lovely new design you can come up with.

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