The Benefits of Rose Shrubs

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Although some have the ability to grow quite large, there are shrub roses smaller than four feet. Many people like to use these shrubs for barriers as well as for ornamental purposes. Here are the benefits of rose shrubs.

Shrubs make beautiful hedges that have a touch of old-world class for your landscaping. The term ‘old-world’ is used because these shrubs have been around for such a long time.

Benefits of rose shrubs

Shrub roses work well for formal or informal landscaping. If you want to balance your scenery, you could plant shrub roses among herbs. Incidentally, roses have some of the same uses as herbs.

Shrub roses have a natural ability to resist disease. They’ll grow in various climates and require little maintenance. These qualities make it a friendlier choice for the person new to gardening.

You may want to plant shrub roses to hide imperfections in your home or your yard. If you have an eyesore that can’t be repaired or removed, it may be a good idea to hide it with the larger shrub roses. It should draw the eye more towards the plant and less towards the eyesore or hide it completely.

You may not want to plant shrubs in an area where it will be accessible for passersby to pluck your favored blooms. If you are trying to win the title of “Yard of the Month” or something similar, placement would definitely matter!

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These shrubs in bloom may make it irresistible to passing admirers. Besides taking the blooms, the flowers could be damaged carelessly by wandering hands. Bruised blooms would not be a welcome sight to a judge.

The more shrubs you plant, the more beautiful blooms you can enjoy. They would make it easier to decorate for an event you may want to hold. It would save the convenience and cost of ordering flowers from someone else.

The added benefit would be the pride of showing something you would have produced yourself. The shrubs would not only provide beauty but a fragrance as well to share with your guests.

Rose shrubs benefits

You could use the roses from your shrubs in many ways. Suppose you are crafty; you could use them in dried flower arrangements. Maybe you want to share them with your neighbor or use them for romantic purposes for your spouse( such as covering the bed or floor with the petals from your very own shrubs).

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Selling the blooms

You could try selling the blooms from your shrubs for corsages. Even a blind friend or relative could benefit from the sweet, uplifting smell of the roses. You may be an artist as well as a gardener. You could plant your own shrubs for your oil, watercolor, or acrylic paintings.

Roses have one of the more dominant scents used for commercial purposes. Planting your own shrubs would give you an outdoor air freshener that you could also bring inside to show off in vases placed around a room. The rose scent can be subtle rather than overpowering. Some roses do have a more potent fragrance than others.

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