(Video) Easiest Solution To Prevent Ants, Pests, Roaches And Fleas

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How To Keep Pesticides Away From Home And Garden?

Are you fed up with continuously trying to get rid of ants, fleas and other pesticides in your home and garden? Probably you did your best to prevent those little insects from invading your home but the results didn’t come out just how you desired. If you agree with this, just keep reading to find out the possible exact solution, besides that, it’s all chemical-free!

By the way, In my previous post, I explained how to avoid fungus during summer, which is also another unwanted pests in our gardens, and today I wanted to write about this topic.

Chemicals Are Unwanted In Homes And Gardens As Much As Insects

Facing with insects and other kinds of bugs at any point of our living space, -literally everywhere, is an unavoidable fact of life almost any time of the year. When we encounter with those creatures, we just appeal to the chemical insect-repellent products without losing time, with a hope to clean up our home and garden. Of course, at the end of the day, we have to deal with the side effects of those chemicals which we contacted and breathed for a considerably long time.

Here in the video below you can learn a simple DIY way of repelling those insects, fleas, cockroaches, from your home and garden without using any toxic accumulating chemical materials.

In the video, you are advised to use Borax and honey, and put it in a safe, (your desired place) and lead the insects to eat it. This sweet and attractive mixture will kill all the bugs and insects when they start to eat it.

What Does Borax Do To Ant And Others?

Borax technically damages insects’ stomach and digestion systems. That’s the technical explanation of why they can’t keep living long after that. While it kills those unwanted pesticides, it will ensure a healthy living space for your animals and you.

Enjoy the video below to learn how to prepare the mixture of honey and Borax to keep the ants, fleas, cockroaches and other bugs away from your home.

As a little description, borax is kind of alkaline mineral and there is no study showing that borax is harmful for the human being to a level. For more detailed information you can visit here

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