What is Hydroseeding and How Does It Work?

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Planting a lawn could spend most of your time and effort and is also expensive. But now things can be improved with this known technology which is Hydroseeding. It is easy to use and very effective. So, let’s keep reading on to learn what is hydroseeding and how it works.

What is hydroseeding?

In order for the mulch to create a wet covering that holds water for the seeds, a combination of water, seed, fertilizer, cellulose fiber, or wood mulch, and sometimes lime is mixed in the correct proportions in a tank and sprayed on a prepared grass area with a hose.

It also aids in the formation of a soil-seed connection and shields the seeds from erosion, wind, and sunshine, allowing them to germinate quickly.

How does hydroseed work?

Seeds germinate when they come into touch with water, and when they sprout, they get nutrition from the decaying mulch, which adds different nutrients to the soil. As a result, the mulch does not need to be removed by hand and actually aids in the development process.

The lawn becomes thick and carpet-like as the grass develops a deep root system and an even leaf-stock pattern.

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The mulch coating ensures that the grass growth is healthy and fast: grass usually comes up within a week and is ready for the first mowing in less than a month. Due to the coating of the mulch, which prevents erosion, Hydroseeding is ideal for planting lawns on slopes or erosion-prone areas.

In addition, since the hydroseeding mulch is sprayed on, it is suitable for uneven areas, which are tough to do using other methods. There are no weed seeds in the hydroseeding mulch, which means that the lawn would be initiated without any weeds at all.

The mixture is usually dyed an organic green making it more visually attractive even before the grass begins to grow as opposed to the straw used in conventional planting.

The best feature of Hydroseeding, which actually makes it more attractive than applying sod, is the cost. The labor cost is much lower, and one doesn’t have to pay for things like growing, weeding, palletizing, and shipping.

Hydroseeding is more cost-effective

In addition, Hydroseeding can do with less watering because the mulch retains more water and thus saves on water bills. Once the mixture is sprayed, it must be kept moist at all times for the first fortnight. Depending on the weather, the sort of soil, and the grass is planted, the lawn area will need light sprinklings 2-3 times a day.

This would be reduced to watering just once a day after the first two weeks till the first mowing. After this, the lawn would need long waterings, but at long intervals so that the grass is able to send down deep roots and is well established.

However, before the mixture is sprayed, care should be taken to grade the lawn area and prepare the soil to receive the spray precisely the way it is done before conventional lawn planting or sod application. The hydroseed spraying should only be done just before the grass’s prime growing season in order to establish the very best outcome.

And after the spraying, once the growth begins to show up, any uneven areas may have to be readministered with the spray. Whether you are looking to plant a small residential lawn or a commercial area, Hydroseeding is recommended because of its efficiency and economy.

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How to care for hydroseeded lawn

Watering the new hydroseeded lawn

Allow the mulch to dry before watering the grass after it has been Hydro seeded. (By the following day, it’s usually dry.) To speed up germination, irrigate all regions every day for the first two weeks to keep them slightly wet. If feasible, water each area for 10 to 20 minutes twice a day.

Allow the area to dry completely. By watering during periods of severe heat, you may fry the grass and encourage fungus. Allow the mulch to dry out between waterings in shaded locations after you’ve mowed the grass once; water it less often but for a more extended period of time.

This will encourage deeper root development. Each week, a grass should get 1′′ to 2′′ of water.


Grass should be mowed as soon as possible. Allow time for the area to dry before mowing. To keep the grass cooler and weed seeds from sprouting, cut it on a high setting. When mowing, don’t take off more than 1/3 of the plant. In the beginning, you may need to mow twice a week.

Mowing on a regular basis will encourage root development and destroy certain weeds. Unless the grass cuttings suffocate the young grass, you do not need to pick up the clippings.


We’ll take care of all the follow-up fertilization and washout repairs as part of the 90-Day Maintenance Program.

After the lawn has been mowed once, don’t forget: Water your sprinkler system every other day in the early morning if you have one. This encourages the development of deeper roots.

If you’re using a hose, water each area for 2 hours (2 times per week preferred.) Local hardware shops provide two-hour timers that enable you to start watering without worrying about forgetting to turn it off. Mowing twice a week encourages root development and inhibits weed growth.


When the daytime conditions exceed 85F degrees with high humidity, don’t water the lawn at any time during the day or night.

You may roast the grass if you water it under these circumstances. It also attracts fungus, which may harm the grass. After the heatwave has passed, you may resume regular watering.

Plenty of companies offer hydroseeding services, and between them can offer the choice of grass and fertilizers desired for lawns of all types and sizes. Simply search for the hydroseeding companies near you and plan together how to proceed with your new lawn appearance.

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