How to Grow a Bigger Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera russelliana)

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When I think of Christmas flowers, just a few plants come into mind. There’s one, however, that creates stunning blossoms during the vacation season. Here I would like to share my opinion on how to grow a bigger Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera russelliana).

(Schlumbergera russelliana) Christmass cactus growing guide

How to Grow a Bigger Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus displays vibrant blossoms on thick, thick scalloped stem sections from late November to late January, which makes it a favorite Christmas gift.

From what I have seen, many Christmas cactuses are rather small, and they may also be difficult to keep. Nevertheless, I have also seen several cases of giant Christmas cactuses online and therefore believe we ought to discover a way to develop this superb blossom even bigger and more powerful.

First things first: A Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera russelliana) can quickly reach a spread of 2 feet inside a couple of decades, and they add fresh expansion during their lives. The elderly the cactus, the bigger it could become. Did you realize that Christmas cactuses never quit growing? Truth be told, they do not have maximum dimensions.

If you look after your Christmas cactus, it could grow and blossom for over 20 decades, based on Home guides. Here Are a Few Tips to Make Sure That Your Christmas cactus gets larger every year:


Avoid overwatering the cactus since it can lead to root rot. From early November to late January, after which early April to late September, water the dirt whenever it is dry, in a thickness of 1 inch. Only water that the Christmas cactus once weekly during this period.

utilizing Epsom salt - Christmas cactus


If you’d like your plant to keep growing, be sure to don’t have a pot that is too big to get a Christmas cactus. That can slow development.

In case you’ve got a slow-growing cactus, consider repotting it in something bigger than its present pot. It is essential that the new kettle has bottom drainage holes. As you’re altering baskets, you may want to try out another potting mix alternative that is created from equal parts of potting soil, leaf mold, and sand.

1 hack to re-install your Christmas cactus is by way of utilizing Epsom salt.

1 important point to keep in mind, though: Do not use the 20-20-20 through precisely the exact same week you utilize the Epsom saltwater solution.

How to Grow a Bigger Christmas Cactus - (Schlumbergera russelliana)

Air temperature

Maintain your plant’s room air temperature at 60 to 68 F throughout autumn and winter and maintain it at 70 to 80 F – although not over 90 F – throughout summer and spring.

Throughout the autumn and winter season, Christmas cactuses should not have access to over eight to ten hours of bright light daily so as to encourage marijuana formation and flourishing.

This season I feel it will blossom by Thanksgiving, as its buds today.

Please discuss this article in case you need one of these crops for your holiday season!

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