Growing Bellis Perennis and Its Varieties

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Growing Bellis Perennis aka common daisylawn daisy, or English daisy is another great option you can go for in your garden. Bellis perennials (Bellis perennis) are lovely perennial flowers for the garden in the spring. They will appear virtually everywhere in the perennial garden (purchase them once and watch them self-sow).

Growing Bellis Perennis

They do not grow well in clay soils; therefore, save your money if your soil is primarily clay.

This is the basic early spring flowering plant, growing about 4 to 6 inches tall in full sun or moderate shade.

It’s worth noting that it’s only held every two years. It grows the first year and then blooms the second year. The mother plant lays enormous numbers of seeds after flowering and then dies. Do not pick out the little seedlings since it is the seed that will continue to grow in your garden.

The plants are available in a broad range of colors on the red-white side of the color wheel, ranging from reds and pinks to whites with a few salmons thrown in for good measure, and can be acquired for a low price at garden centers.

Growing Bellis Perennis and Its Varieties

The key to keeping Bellis perennials flowering for a long period (far into the summer) is to remove the faded blooms on a regular basis. Allow the surviving blooms to set seed for next year’s plant production after the plant stops generating significant numbers of new blossoms.

Varieties include:

Galaxy Mix This is a tremendous flowering, semi-double form with either white, pink, and red petals around a central yellowish eye.

Bellis perennials galaxy mix and other varieties
Bellis perennis Galaxy Mix

‘ Habanera White with Red Tips’ Very large flowers of white, but the petal tips are flecked with red or deep pink. The petals are also slightly curled, making them one of the most attractive forms.

‘ Monstrosa’ As you might expect, the flowers on this variety are huge. Measuring an inch or more across, the flowers come in the white, pink and red range.

‘ Tasso Pink’ is the opposite of ‘Monstrosa.’ This variety has tons of tiny little pom-pom button flowers that cover the plant’s surface. Very attractive in pink!

‘ Tasso Red,’ ‘Tasso Strawberries and Cream,’ and ‘Tasso White’ are identical in flower form and growth habit. The only difference is the flower color, and this should be evident from the names. ‘Tasso Strawberries and Cream’ is a pink flower with a darker red center.

Bellis perennials are lovely spring bedding plants, especially in warmer garden climates. They do not fare well in the extreme cold of zone 4 and below. You may consider them as an annual bloom in such areas if you keep them neatly deadheaded.

It’s worth noting that Bellis perennials thrive in both containers and the garden.

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