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How to Control Crabgrass Organically

Crabgrass is persistent, annoying, and unattractive. Prevent this weed from ruining your lawn with this quick and easy video on how to control crabgrass organically.

How to Control Crabgrass Organically

Here I want to talk to you today about how to organically control crabgrass.

How to Control Crabgrass Organically

Control Crab Grass by Preventing It

The best way to control crabgrass is to prevent it. Prevent it by having a rich, healthy lawn. Keep your lawn at least 3 inches high in the summertime and a little lower in the winter. What this does is prevent seeds from germinating. The healthy lawn casts a shadow on the soil, preventing crabgrass from rooting and germinating seed.

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Pull Out Crabgrass by Hand

Another thing you can do once you’ve identified that you do have crabgrass is pulled it out by hand continuously. You’re not putting any chemicals into the lawn, and you are removing the problem.

Treat Crabgrass with Vinegar

Another solution would be to once you’ve taken the crabgrass out of your lawn, treat it with a ten percent vinegar solution and make sure you’re placing some mulch over the spot that you’ve removed the crabgrass in; this will prevent it from germinating again.

Other Ways to Prevent Crabgrass

Other organic solutions can be found at your local hardware store. Sprays that contain soybean oil and iron are two common ingredients that can be found in these sprays. One more tip on how to increase the health of your current lawn and discourage crabgrass is to water deeply and less frequently. Crabgrass is shallow-rooted and prefers a little bit of water all the time.

And those are some tips on how to control crabgrass organically.

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