How to Rid Your Yard of Lawn Fungus

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A good fungicide and proper maintenance can effectively prevent many lawn fungus issues. Both methods are essential in preventing the growth of lawn fungi, white cotton like fungus on lawn.

If your yard is healthy, it can more effectively fight off enemies like insects, weeds, and fungi. Keeping your yard trimmed at a proper level and providing ample water without over-watering will help fight lawn fungus and other issues.

How to control lawn fungus?

How to control lawn fungus | How to Rid Your Yard of Lawn Fungus
White cotton-like lawn fungus

Most diseases of plants grow best under specific conditions that include temperature and moisture. That’s why brown patches and other lawn disorders mainly occur in certain seasons.

You also don’t want to make matters worse by mowing too close or leaving the grass too long, or by haphazard fertilizer application or inadequate or over-watering.

When to water lawns?

Many people and lots of businesses water the lawns at night. This is the worst time to water your grass. It leaves hours of cooler temps in which lawn fungus can take hold and prosper. Water your yard in the early mornings so that your yard has the whole day to dry.

Watering just a bit every day is also not effective in preventing lawn fungus. This will create weaker roots, and more fragile plants have more difficulty in fending off lawn pests. Check your lawn and water when it needs it, not by any other pre-determined time.

Fertilizing the lawns

You can also cause a lot of problems by applying fertilizer in an incorrect manner or at the wrong times. Fertilizers are high in nitrogen, and this feeds lawn fungus. Never use this type of product until your garden store expert recommends that you use it. (This should be a helpful gardener, not someone looking to boost their sales.)

Any grass is vulnerable to lawn fungus when you push for increased growth by applying nitrogen. If you mow and water still and adequately has fungus issues, use a fungicide at low levels when applying high nitrogen fertilizer.

Weed Prevention

If you’re looking for a good weed prevention program with less of a risk for creating a lawn fungus habitat, use a pre-emergent herbicide and then follow up in later days and weeks with a weed and feed product.

Many people watch their lawn as spring begins, and they misinterpret scars from last year’s problems as new lawn fungus. To determine if current or previous issues cause your damage, mark the problem areas with sticks or turf paint. Then check the size for several days, and if they don’t get larger, they’re probably from older problems.

Fungicides prevent most lawn fungus forms from attacking your yard. If you discover that you do have a current fungus problem, apply fungicides at higher rates and more often. If you catch a lawn fungus early and treat it, you might just be saving your yard.

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