(Video) Pizza Paratha Recipe | Your Kid Will Love This Indian Pizza

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What to prepare for lovely kids is a concern of almost every mom as it is a common problem to find something healthy for their growth and delicious at the same time to prevent denial. When your kid asks for something to eat or just for yourself, you can simply prepare this tasty Indian pizza Paratha.

Pizza Paratha Recipe

Pizza paratha is delicious Indian food that is easy to make and a good choice for both vegetarians’ brunch, breakfast, kids’ snacks, and lunch box idea as you can easily consume it even cold. Pizza paratha is made of fresh homemade wheat flour and veggies. So you can use your own organic veggies from your garden.

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Pizza paratha recipe - indian vegetarian pizza https://organicgardeningeek.com

Ingredients for Pizza Paratha:

2 Cups of Whole-wheat flour
1 ¼ Cups of grated mozzarella cheese (at room temperature):
½ Cups of chopped bell peppers
½ Cups of chopped onions
¼ Cups of corn kernels (at room temperature)
8-10 Chopped olives
Italian seasoning Chilly flakes (optional)
Pizza Sauce, Pesto sauce
Cooking Oil
Salt, Water

Here is the video of pizza paratha recipe in English don’t forget to share it!

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