Top 10 Most Recommended Fragrant Flowers

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When sending flowers, fragrant flowers are usually at the top of the list. Fragrant flowers just keep on giving long after the initial flower gift is received. Who can argue that flowers are so delightful and make our spirits rise for so many different reasons?

Which fragrant flowers are best for gift or planting?

When considering sending flowers or planting a garden, choosing fragrant flowers will be an excellent addition. Everyone has their favorite fragrant flower, but the list below might offer you a good idea of the most fragrant ones.

1. Roses: 

roses * Rose garden care - Fragrant Flowers

Roses are irresistible fragrant flowers. Who can resist the temptation of the first thing being is to smell the intricate rose? All roses are not the same so be sure to use your sniffer and find the fragrance you like best.

2. Sweet Alyssum:

Sweet alyssum - Fragrant Flowers

If you do not readily think of sweet alyssum when you think of fragrant flowers, try putting some by your window or door. These dainty flowers can be planted as ground cover or potted in a plant and given as gifts. Wherever these fragrant flowers are, you will catch their delicate scent. These are a lovely, fragrant addition to your garden.

3. Carnations: 

Carnations - Fragrant Flowers

Carnations have a very distinctive fragrance that is spicy and sweet. It is a fragrance that once you have smelled, you will always recognize its odor. Carnations have a wonderful lingering that will fill your house. Carnations also seem to last longer than other cut flowers.

4. Gardenias: 

Gardenias -which fragrant flowers are used in garden

Gardenias, what is there to say about such a beautifully fragrant, gorgeous flower? Gardenias are all alike, so a container full of these fragrant treasures is “oh so heavenly.” This lovely flower is always a great choice!

5. Freesia: 

Freesia -which fragrant flower is used to adorn the hair of woman and blossoms in summer

This sweet flower is very pleasing to our senses and is used in room spray, candles, and hair supplies. Freesia is a very popular scent and always a safe choice.

6. Jasmine: 

Jasmine - which fragrant rose is best

Jasmine, oh how sweet it is! This delicate flower packs a powerful punch. This adorable, tiny flower is filled with exquisite perfume and is used in candles, incense, and many perfume products. Needless to say, Jasmine is a thumbs up all the way around.

7. Lilies: 


The lilies make a beautiful, fragrant, large bouquet of flowers and are especially given at Easter. Entering a room where lilies are present, you are greeted with an aroma that is quite notable and lingering. Lilies make a beautiful centerpiece and have special memories attached to them within most families.

8. Sweet Peas: 

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are a generational favorite and have graced many gardens with their powerful fragrance. These delicate flowers are adored for their lovely pastels and the sweetness in the air—a simple flower, with a simple name, with anything but a simple fragrance.

9. Lavender: 


Lavender flowers have been a long-time favorite due to their robust and recognizable fragrance. When planted along the front porch or in window boxes, the sweet and spicy fragrance will greet you in your coming, and you’re going. Add this lovely scented flower to a drawer, pillow, or just wherever you long to smell this delectable fragrance.

10 Honeysuckle: 


The distinct fragrance of the honeysuckle is undeniably succulent. Kick off your shoes and lie near a honeysuckle bush, and be caught up in its fragrance. Once planted, this hardy flowering bush needs little care and will take off in growth. Year after year, it will produce pretty, colorful, fragrant flowers and will be a country-style addition to a down-home bouquet.

Your favorite fragrant choices may not be the same as on this list, but hopefully, this will be a guide to inspire you to add charming and fragrant flowers to your gardens or ideas of flowers to give. Plant or give what you like, and your choice will not only touch your heart but the hearts of others.

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