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Roses and Herbs, no two groups of plants are more synonymous with fragrance. For centuries, roses were grown as much for their flower’s medicinal qualities as for their beauty and luscious scent. Naturally then, they were planted together with herbs. Here is the list of best herbs to grow with roses.

best herbs to grow with roses |

Besides this traditional association, the varied foliage color, flowers, texture, and scents make herbs a natural choice for pairing with roses. Their styles complement one another, and they make perfect companions!

One benefit of pairing these groups together is the aromatic foliage of many herbs helps repel rose pests. Well-prepared soil, such as soil enriched with organic matter such as compost, will serve both roses and herbs well. Further, herbs attract beneficial species, such as butterflies and bees, to your garden.

Best Herbs To Grow With Roses:

  • Artemisia
  • Catmint
  • Chamomile
  • Garlic and Chives
  • Common Sage
  • Paramount Parsley
  • Siam Queen Thai Basil
  • Hyssop
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Scented Geraniums

One of my favorite combinations is pink shrub roses mixed (interspersed) with lavender. Absolutely gorgeous and a true garden standout! In addition, lavender helps deter rabbits who sometimes like to munch on newly planted roses.

best herbs to grow with roses |
Roses Mixed With Lavender

Companion planting with roses seems to work best with shrub roses, climbers, and Knock Out roses. Hybrid tea roses, while beautiful, tend to like their own space and do well without competition from other plants. They don’t like other plants growing around their roots, and they tend to need extra care or spraying, which doesn’t mix well with the edibles.

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