9 Best Miniature Roses in Pots You Can Pick Now

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Miniature roses in pots and containers are terrific, make for lovely borders, and solve space problem issues for those with small yards or only a balcony for gardening. These little charmers are hardier than they look. The ones I’ve highlighted are hardy and disease-resistant.

How Big Are Miniature Roses in Pots?

How Big Are Miniature Roses? https://organicgardeningeek.com

Miniature roses are very similar to their larger rose cousins. The main difference is the size they reach; the majority grow no larger than 18 inches high and wide. Most mini roses grow the same amount height-wise and width-wise forming compact mounds.

Where Can I Use Them?

Size-wise, miniature roses are perfect for the front edge of gardens or creating beautiful low hedges along walkways. I like to add them in front of clematis or similar vine growing up a trellis.

They also look divine in pots or window boxes by themselves or mixed with other sun-loving flowers. Try them at the base of a patio tree rose for a gorgeous display on different levels. You can grow more than one type of rose in a container as long as the container is big enough.

What Care Do They Require?

Miniature roses respond to regular-size roses’ care basics: deep irrigation, 6 hours of sunshine daily, and regular fertilizing. In Zones 5 and below, cover the rose plant in a mound of dirt for protection throughout the winter to guarantee the plant doesn’t die back to the roots.

To keep your roses happy, provide at least an inch of water each week. During hot, dry spells, you will probably need to water more frequently, especially roses in containers. To avoid fungal infections, avoid getting the leaves wet in humid conditions.

Here are some of my favorite miniature roses:

1. Diamond Eyes

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Purple/Lavender/Mauve blooms reach 14-18 inches tall and wide. Very fragrant for a miniature rose.

Diamond Eyes is dark purple in hue and has a white eye. Strong clove and spice scent. Zones 4 – 10

2. Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn roses - Miniature Roses in Pots
Gourmet Popcorn Roses

The incredible profusion of small fat buds and fragrant, crisp white blooms. A vigorous grower with a rounded bushy habit.

Very disease-resistant. Hardy to Zone 4. Grows approx. 18 inches.

3. Be My Baby

Reddish buds open to purply pink blossoms with a touch of yellow at the base of each petal. Flowers are bigger than most minis with a soft apple scent.

Larger growing than most miniature roses; reaches up to 24 inches. Zones 4 – 10.

3. Whimsy

This little number has hot pink splashed on creamy white petals, a fragrant plant that sports a very bushy form.

It grows 18 – 24 inches high. It also makes good-cut flowers. Very disease-resistant and great for containers.

4. Salmon SunblazeSunblaze Roses: 

The Sunblaze line of miniature roses, introduced by Conard Pyle nearly 40 years ago, are still being grown in large numbers today. Last I checked, there were 11 varieties in this series.

Amber Sunblaze (Bright orange, golden center). Autumn Sunblaze (Bright Orange/Red), Baby Paradise Sunblaze (Mauve/Lavender), Bridal Sunblaze (White), Cherry Sunblaze (Red), Mandarin Sunblaze (Orange), Rainbow Sunblaze (Yellow, Red, Orange), Red Sunblaze, Salmon Sunblaze, Yellow Sunblaze (Bright Yellow), Sweet Sunblaze (Pink).

Easy care, abundant flowering all season, drought and disease tolerant. Zones 5 – 10.

5. Sun Sprinkles

Rosa’ Sun Sprinkles’ is an award winner with perfectly formed, deep yellow blooms that have a spicy scent. This variety features generous flowering plus glossy, dark green foliage. Very sunny and cheerful!

It’s a taller miniature rose plant, growing to 2 feet tall. Zones 5-9

6. Dancing Flame

On yellow petals, Rosa’ Dancing Flame’ has a lovely cerise-pink border. It’s a prolific flower with glossy, disease-resistant leaves.

Features exhibition-quality flowers. It reaches a height of 2 feet and a width of 2 feet. Zones 5 – 9

7. Smoke Rings

The buds glow in shades of warm deep orange/yellow/melon. Then they open with an exciting and unexpected smoky purple hue ringing the edges. It shows more “smoke” in milder temperatures.

Reaches 12 – 18 inches. Hardy in zones 5 to 9. Light fragrance.

8. Shooting Star

Darling little buds of red unfurl to tiny red blossoms tinged with yellow—pretty dark green foliage.

Grows 12 – 18 inches high in zones 5 – 8.

9. Tiddly Winks

I just love the names of miniature roses! With cute, small buds of deep gold open to reveal glowing pink-orange petals with a yellow eye, this one really fits.

Long-lived blossoms. Grows 12 – 18 inches. Best in zones 5 – 9.

Potted Miniature Roses: Good things do come in small packages! Beauty, a pop of color, and versatility all in one little rose plant.

Miniature roses make the perfect accompaniment in a perennial garden, border planting, small hedge, or potted on the patio. These little beauties are versatile and hardy!

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