12 The Best Fragrant Roses By Color

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One question that frequently arises is the request for recommendations for my beloved fragrant roses. While all roses possess a unique charm, there is something truly enchanting about those adorned with a delightful scent. The marriage of beauty and fragrance elevates these roses to a level of unrivaled splendor, captivating the senses and creating a showstopping display. It is a slice of heaven materialized within the garden, where the allure of a fully bloomed rose, accompanied by its magnificent fragrance, evokes a sense of pure bliss.

Each fragrant rose holds its own magic, weaving a tale of botanical poetry that unfolds with every gentle breeze. From the heady notes of velvety musk to the intoxicating whispers of sweet citrus or the romantic embrace of old-fashioned roses, the fragrant blooms paint a canvas of olfactory delight. Their aromatic symphony infuses the air, creating a sensory experience that transports us to a realm of pure beauty and serenity.

As a gardener, the joy of recommending these fragrant roses is a privilege. To witness the transformation of a garden, as these scented wonders take center stage is a testament to the power of nature’s artistry. Their blossoms become aromatic masterpieces, adorning the landscape with their exquisite presence and leaving an indelible mark upon our hearts.

So, if you yearn for a truly captivating and mesmerizing addition to your garden, look no further than the fragrant roses. They embody the essence of beauty and fragrance, creating a harmonious symphony of visual and aromatic allure. Embrace their charm, and let these magnificent blooms infuse your outdoor sanctuary with a touch of floral magic, transporting you to a realm where beauty and fragrance intertwine in perfect harmony.

Best Fragrant Roses

In my endeavor to curate a “top ten” list of my most cherished fragrant roses, I quickly realized the arduous task of narrowing down the selection. The multitude of captivating options made it impossible to confine my choices to just ten. Therefore, I have meticulously compiled a list of my beloved “top 12” fragrant roses, carefully categorized by color, in an effort to offer a comprehensive overview of their captivating qualities. Allow me to share my insights and experiences as I endeavor to elucidate the unique attributes of each rose, aiming to provide you with the utmost clarity and guidance in your quest for the perfect fragrant garden addition.

Red Fragrant Roses

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Mister Lincoln:

An enduring classic that has earned its place as the all-time bestselling red rose. Since its inception in 1964, this distinguished rose has graced countless gardens with its regal presence. Renowned for its velvety red petals, exquisite form, and exceptionally robust traditional rose fragrance, Mister Lincoln stands as a paragon among red hybrid tea roses. It’s timeless appeal and captivating aroma make it a cherished favorite among gardeners seeking the epitome of elegance and grace.

Lasting Love:

A captivating red hybrid tea rose that exudes a unique allure with its shimmering blooms and commanding rose fragrance. The remarkable size of its flowers, measuring an impressive 6 inches, showcases a deep, dusky red hue adorned with a mesmerizing glimmer of deep pink. Notably, its new growth emerges in a striking burgundy red, adding to its overall visual appeal. As a testament to its robust nature, Lasting Love displays greater vigor compared to many other red hybrid tea roses. With its enchanting beauty and powerful fragrance, this rose variety captures the heart and leaves an enduring impression that stands the test of time.

White Fragrant Roses

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Secret’s Out!:

Unveiling its captivating allure, Secret’s Out! is a pristine white hybrid tea rose that captivates with its cuplike blossoms, ranging from 4 to 6 inches in size. Beyond its visual splendor, this rose variety enchants a strong, spicy fragrance that lingers in the air, leaving an indelible impression. A true performer, Secret’s Out! boasts prolific blooming throughout the season, ensuring a constant display of its exquisite blooms. Additionally, this remarkable rose exhibits commendable disease resistance, further enhancing its appeal as a low-maintenance choice. With its exceptional beauty and enduring qualities, Secret’s Out! also proves to be an excellent choice for cut flowers, bringing a touch of elegance to floral arrangements and creating moments of pure delight.

Madame Hardy:

A timeless gem in the world of roses, Madame Hardy is an old-fashioned garden rose that emanates an irresistible charm. Bred in 1832, this rose variety possesses a photogenic allure that effortlessly captivates the beholder. While it may bloom only once per season, the sheer abundance of its very double, pure white blossoms more than makes up for it. Delighting the senses, Madame Hardy exudes a heady fragrance reminiscent of lemons that wafts through the air, creating an ambiance of pure enchantment. With its enduring beauty and captivating scent, this rose variety transcends time, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing its splendor.

Pink Fragrant Roses

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Falling in Love:

Embodying sheer beauty, Falling in Love is a captivating hybrid tea rose that showcases sturdy stems gracefully adorned with large, classically formed blooms. The enchanting warm pink petals, with a delicate cream, reverse, create a visually striking display. Each full flower exudes a robust rosy fruit fragrance, infusing the surroundings with an intoxicating aroma. With its exquisite appearance and captivating scent, Falling in Love beckons, all who encounter it to succumb to its irresistible allure.


A symphony of sensory delights awaits with the elegant Elle hybrid tea rose. This exceptional variety enchants with a solid spicy and citrus fragrance, infusing the air with its delightful aroma. Showcasing classic high-centered rosebuds, Elle unveils pink shell flowers with captivating deep yellowish undertones, creating a mesmerizing visual display. The dark glossy foliage serves as a striking contrast to the soft, non-fading blooms, adding to the overall allure of this rose. Notably, Elle boasts above-average disease tolerance to common issues such as mildew and black spot, ensuring its beauty remains untarnished. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Elle, a rose that embodies grace, fragrance, and resilience in perfect harmony.

Purple / Levander Fragrant Roses

Barbra Streisand:

A rose aficionado, Barbra Streisand, approached the selection of a rose bearing her name with meticulous care. Her discerning eye led her to choose a hybrid tea rose that undoubtedly lives up to its namesake. With its large and resilient lavender blossoms, Barbra Streisand captivates not only through its striking appearance but also through its intoxicating fragrance—a delightful blend of solid rose and citrus blossom scents that can overwhelm the senses. This rose variety boasts vigorous growth, flourishing with vitality in various garden settings. Furthermore, its suitability for cutting makes it an excellent choice for creating stunning floral arrangements that embody the essence of elegance. Barbra Streisand stands as a testament to the artistry of roses, capturing both the spirit of its namesake and the beauty that flourishes in the world of roses.

Burgundy Iceberg:

A testament to resilience, the Burgundy Iceberg floribunda rose stands as a hardy and exceptionally disease-resistant compact shrub. With its robust nature, this rose variety flourishes with abundant blossoms, adorning the garden with a profusion of purple-magenta blooms. While the fragrance is light to medium, it still imparts a delightful essence of roses. Planting Burgundy Iceberg alongside apricot-colored flowers creates a stunning visual contrast, enhancing the overall beauty of the garden landscape. Whether in full bloom or as an elegant addition to floral arrangements, Burgundy Iceberg embodies both strength and grace, infusing the surroundings with its captivating presence.

Yellow Fragrant Roses

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Sun Sprinkles: 

This bright yellow miniature rose has a pleasing spicy, musky scent. With excellent disease resistance, Sun Sprinkles is a perfect choice for limited-space gardens or containers. The cheery flowers are long-lasting with glossy, dark-green foliage. It grows to about 2 ft. tall.


A yellow floribunda rose, Sunsprite has bright yellow flower clusters that are intensely fragrant with a scent of licorice or spicy-sweet. Another nice feature is the disease resistance of this rose. Yellow roses are generally not this hardy – this is a good and easy care floribunda.

Coral / Orange / Apricot Fragrant Roses

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Honey Perfume: 

This apricot floribunda definitely suits the name. Honey Perfume reaches a height of approximately 3 1/2 feet and has a strong spicy fragrance and excellent resistance to disease, including rust and powdery mildew. Looks great by itself or planted as a low hedge. Flowers soften to nearly white.


I love this rose! An award-winning long-stemmed hybrid tea rose with coral-orange classic blooms. Glossy, dark green foliage sets off the flowers. Strong, deliciously fruity fragrance. A real stand out in the rose garden. This is the complimented rose in my yard!

It is thought that a connection may exist between fragrance and other rose attributes:

  • Darker-colored roses are generally more fragrant than lighter-colored ones.
  • The red and pink varieties are more closely associated with the classic rose scent.
  • Heavily petaled roses usually have a stronger or more intense scent than those with fewer petals.
  • Orange or coral roses are often associated with a fruity scent.
  • The yellow and white rose aromas are often compared to the fragrance of violets and nasturtiums and lemony scents.


In conclusion, fragrant roses are a wonderful addition to any garden, as they offer both visual and olfactory delight. Whether you prefer the classic rose scent of red and pink roses, the fruity fragrance of orange and coral roses, or the lemony aroma of yellow and white roses, there is a fragrant rose variety for every taste and preference. By choosing some of the best fragrant roses by color, you can create a garden that smells as good as it looks. Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of these aromatic roses, and share their splendor with your loved ones.

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