7 Health Benefits of Moringa Tea You Never Imagined

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Ever since people have developed consciousness for healthy eating habits, organic solutions for keeping our wellness intact have become the only options. We tend to make and eat things that can contribute to our better physical and mental health. Be it a cranberry bread recipe or we are making juice, we try to replace all the unhealthy ingredients with less harmless eatables.

Here we will be talking about the 6 incredible health benefits of moringa tea, how to make it at home, and the potential side effects of consuming it too much.

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Paying close attention to our health and our food intake can have long-term benefits. Even if we cannot see any effect of healthy eating habits instantly, we are surely going to live its benefits in the near future. 

The rising awareness of organic solutions has given rise to Moringa tea’s popularity. Moringa has become one of the most known trees globally. It is native to some areas of Africa and is mostly grown at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains.

There are many other names for the Moringa tree. Most commonly used ones include the drumstick tree due to its thin pod-shaped appearance, the horseradish tree because of its sharp flavor, and some people call it a miracle tree for its numerous medicinal benefits.

Potential Health Benefits of Moringa Tea: 

Are you excited to know how Moringa tea can do wonders for your health? Here is everything you need to know about it:

1. It is Very Nutritious:

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Moringa is a very nutritious plant which means that all of its essential elements can be found in the tea as well. Its leaves are rich in vitamin C and other minerals compared to the pods. It can help in improving the diet of people from developing nations and provide them with a wholesome solution to get a completely healthy diet. 

Moreover, the Moringa plant also contains iron, vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Magnesium, and riboflavin. Many countries have started making Moringa capsules or dietary supplements. It can also be consumed in powdered form. However, Moringa tea is still the best and recommended way of using it. 

2. Better Blood Sugar Level:

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An increased blood sugar level is undeniably the root cause of many fatal health issues and cardiovascular diseases. If not treated or taken care of timely, it can deteriorate your health quickly. 

Moringa tea has been found to be effective in controlling your blood sugar level, which makes it a must-have for diabetes type 2 patients. More research is being conducted in this regard to come up with a defined amount of Moringa that can make a significant difference in keeping healthy blood sugar levels intact. 

3. Better Heart Health:

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Health problems associated with the heart are pretty alarming. It makes you prone to high blood pressure and other mental health-related issues. Increased cholesterol level majorly contributes to heart problems. Moringa tea is found to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Humans and animal-based studies suggest that Moringa tea helps reduce the blood’s cholesterol levels, thus preventing the arteries from plaque. Since Moringa tea is made from the Moringa trees’ dehydrated leaves, it helps control the blood pressure throughout the body. It contains quercetin, which is excellent for BP patients’ health and helps keep their health intact. 

4. Fighting Inflammation:

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Inflammation is a vital response from a body toward any injury or infection. However, it can be harmful if prolonged and is often associated with chronic diseases like heart issues or cancer. Scientists believe that Moringa contains isothiocyanates that can have anti-inflammatory properties. 

There hasn’t been much research in this domain, and study is restricted to test tubes or animals only, but the possibility of Moringa tea helping us fight inflammation is great. Moringa tea can be life-changing for us all. 

5. Keeping Your Skin Healthy:

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We all look for products that can help us maintain happy, healthy, clear, and glowing skin. It is often hard to find something that can completely solve our all skin problems. How about the fact that Moringa tea can help improve your skin? You heard it right! 

Moringa tea has antioxidant properties that keep the toxins away from the skin. It might improve your skin and hair health by fighting oxidative stress and inflammation. Getting potentially healthy skin is everyone’s dream, and using Moringa tea in your routine might make it come true. Giving it a try isn’t a bad idea at all!

6. Fighting Arsenic Toxicity:

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The term arsenic toxicity refers to a health problem caused by long-term exposure to arsenic-contaminated food or water. We live in a world where pollution is on the rise. Therefore, contaminated water or food is a concept that is not alien to us, sadly. 

The long-term usage of both can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer. Moringa seeds and leaves are believed to be effective in fighting arsenic toxicity. However, there has been no experimentation done to prove this claim yet. It’s a possibility that scientists will hopefully find evidence for. 

7. Mental Health Benefits:

Moringa is found to help improve the brain’s efficiency in animals. Although there is no evidence or research about how Moringa can improve the mental health of humans, there is a vague belief that it can be used to treat Alzheimer’s. However, this notion is yet to be supported through evidence, and more research is needed in this domain.  

Making Moringa Tea at Home:

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There isn’t any complex process involved in extracting or making Moringa tea. You can find plenty of online stores that can source you pure Moringa powder. If you don’t trust any retailer, you can make Moringa powder yourself. You need to dry its leaves and pods and crush them well until you get the powdered form.

Once you get the organic Moringa powder, add it to boiling water. Sieve the tea to get the fresh green color, and your Moringa tea is ready. Make sure that the water you are easing is clean and filtered. To make the Moringa tea effective clean water is essential. 

Is it Safe to Use Moringa Tea?

This is the most commonly asked question. To simply put, Moringa tea is safe to be used and become part of your diet. However, if you have any chronic health issues, make sure you consult your doctors first before heading to any herbal remedy. 

Also, Moringa can reduce the effectiveness of any one drug that you are using to keep your blood sugar level intact. Pay close attention to changes in your health when you start taking Moringa tea. 

Moringa tea is also found to enhance the effectiveness of drugs used during chemotherapy. However, patients going through chemotherapy should avoid all sorts of herbal treatments. They must consult their doctors first before using Moringa or any other herbal medicine to fight cancer because herbs can interact with certain drugs. 

Moreover, according to a study done on animals, the Moringa tree’s bark inhibits reproduction. Its usage is often linked to miscarriage. However, Moringa tea is made from its dried leaves, but it is recommended for pregnant women to avoid its use altogether instead of risking one’s health. 

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The Bottom Line:

It’s a great sign that people have developed awareness of adopting healthy eating habits and are opting for organic solutions and herbal medicines for health issues. Moringa has been used in different drugs for thousands of years, particularly in its native areas. 

It can surely give your healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It can help you fight many chronic diseases. However, its full potential and benefits are yet to be explored since it is new to the global medical industry. 

If you are eager to try out the Moringa tea and witness its benefits, do not forget to consult your doctor first. It is safe to get an opinion from an expert before starting treatment, particularly if you are taking any medicines for your existing health issues. Eat and drink healthy to live a happier life!

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